Sims2 Plantsim Clothes Conversion

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2024 at 6:28 PM
Updated: Yesterday at 2:31 AM
EDIT: Added plantsim outfit and shoes for children. Added toddler shoes.

About the CC!!
-This is my first conversion! YAY!
-Included in this upload:
  • Outfit - (enabled for both genders, child to elder)
  • Shoes - (enabled for both genders, toddler to elder)
  • Vine accessory - (enabled for both genders, toddler to elder)
  • Toddler skirt - (enabled for both genders, toddler only)
- The accessory vines have a custom thumbnail. All other clothes are easy to find with basegame generated thumbnails.
- There are some visible seams on the accessory leg vines. The CC was made for primarily adults but looks ok on all ages.
- Plantsim hairs used in images:
  • Sims2 Plantsim Hair for Male and Female by Esmeralda
  • Sims2 flower hair for toddlers by Murfee
  • Outfit
    • LOD1 3478
    • LOD2 1853
    • LOD3 999
  • Shoes
    • LOD1 410
    • LOD2 227
    • LOD3 142
  • Toddler skirt
    • LOD1 606
    • LOD2 354
    • LOD3 189
- Credit for the outfit and shoes goes to Gauntlet101010 I was stumped (pun intended) on how to convert sims2 to sims3 so I used their sims4 conversion as a shortcut.
- Credits for the sims2 vines skin pattern goes to xiasimla Original CC post Here.

Thank you FetusTheEngineer and pandemonium91 for all your Help!
Thank you for taking a look!