The Sims Bustin Out: Club Rubb for TS2

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Uploaded 23rd May 2022 at 9:34 AM · Updated 23rd May 2022 at 8:08 PM by Fozzer23

Hello fellow Simmers, I'm gone back to remaking builds from The Sims Bustin Out from PS2 for PC and I have remade Club Rubb which turned out really great and I had lots of fun building it. I've also updated the club for 2022 which also includes some classic items from TS1 which your gonna love! Now onto the screenshots.

Club Rubb has been cleaned with Sims2Pack Clean Installer getting rid of unwanted mods and recolours I haven't used.

Kept: SDsims2_CareerRrwards Mod for the Black Superstar Lights by the club doors on red carpet.

A lot of recolours for items that I didn't use for Club Rubb.
Removed Dog Pen and moved some things around.
Changed TS4 for TS2 Pride Flag from Rainbow to Four Leaf Clover.
Removed Behavior Mod.
Removed Lamare's functional electricity box, now replaced with a decorative one from TS3 for TS2.
Changed bathroom doors due to clipping in walls.
Fixed hand wash bottle on bathroom counter to correct size and position.
Changed position of palm trees to the correct way.
Changed colour of praying woman from black and white to pink and black.
Changed fire alarm from white to black.
Moved hot tub for space for sims to get in.
Moved ceiling fan to correct position by fireplace.
Move TS1 Makin Magic Hole and other hole with construction items.

Bigger TV in Games room for better viewing when Sims are gaming.
Default Arcade machine from TS2 University in Games room.
TS3 Into The Future Hologram Tree Plant Lights for TS2 Club Rubb.
New bright green and pink plants from TS4 for TS2.
New Gnome Pool Cue Holder for Games room.
Black and red recolour for Dart Board.
Maxis Neon Lights on pool table.
Cryogenic Freezer Sleeping Pod on the roof.
New Palm Trees.
New Box Creates.
Pile of tyres.
New red chess board colour for table.
More new red cones for hole in ground.
First Aid Medical Box for outdoor smoking area.
TS4 for TS2 Warning Signs.
TS3 for TS2 Mop Bucket and Bleach for club bathroom.
Added more Alcohol Bottles.
Added new bathroom items hand dryer box, hand wash box, toilet roll box, got rid of the old ones.
Added new mop bucket in other building.
Added new sliver cooker from TS2 Stories for TS2.
Added new sliver BBQ from TS2 Stories for TS2.
Added new ice statue workbench from TS2 Stories for TS2.
Added new Portapotty from TS2 Stories for TS2.

Thanks to everyone who made the custom content for my night club without it, it wouldn't look half as good.