MORE Bubbles for Tweedledee

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Uploaded: 25th Jun 2022 at 8:06 PM
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How are you today?

Bubbles for Tweedledee and Tweedledum !
and !
MORE Bubbles for Tweedledee and Tweedledum !

They are beautiful.
They are gorgeous.
They are wonderful.
They are vintage and fun !

What are they?
Now 6 White Rabbit Bubble Blower recolors!
- Solar Walkway (green, white);
- Frost Immunity (light blue, orange);
- Braving the Deep (teal, red, brown);
- NEW! Alchemy (purple)
- NEW! Incandescence (fire colors)
- NEW! Percussion Fuse (grays)

Found? :: Buy Mode > Miscellaneous > Party. Price: §1,720
EP Required :: UNI


I always felt like the original Maxis bubble blowers didn't fit with anything, and as there's lots of white and wood furniture in the game, these are probably more versatile and useful. They even have darker parts, so if your decoration style is more inclined towards deep colors, they don't look out of place. ^^

Who the heck are Tweedledee and Tweedledum?
Creepy twin characters from a poem and a novel written centuries ago.
Also, your sims. Your party animals, your bored sims, your last minute guests. The ones that keep asking you to buy one more bubble blower, even if they have plenty already. The ones that are constantly using them, instead of doing better things. ^^

(See comments at the end of the page)

The tones of Solar Walkway are about new beginnings after a crisis, a return to our roots and to what matters, clean energy, finding the truth in oneself, the Sun, the Earth, the greeneries.



The colors of Frost Immunity speak of the winter, the snow, the wide spaces, the beautiful landscapes of few trees and houses, and mostly ice. Yet, there's a tiny flame to be found. And that flame is in you. It is in your hope, your creativity, your ambition, your desire to grow, to see what else is out there; it's in your will to resist, to never give up, and always, to keep going forward.



Braving the Deep has some vintage notes in its hues. When I made it, I thought of the ocean, its deep tones of green and blue, the browns of the wood of decks and docks, the red tones of coral reefs, the fisherman's groove. Have you ever seen an ocean? Have you ever been on a boat?

You had the healthy, happy colors, now there's 3 more designs, all 'evil' (or just cool!). ^^

Purple, the color of archvillains and other 'weird enough to be interesting' characters. Alchemy was inspired by a pokémon I always liked, Mismagius. It's purple all over. Your evil mages and sorcerers will find it perfect in their decors.


Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble... Another scheme often associated with unpredictable energy, Incandescence is pure fire. It's yellow, and orange, and very saturated in color, almost alive. Try it in your Bon Voyage islands and other tropical environments, rich in colors.


Technology is Evil : the Trope. Percussion Fuse is intended to look like a pipe or a piece of machinery, to feel futuristic, cold, and expressing the dull tones of automation and mass manufacturing, in a world where humans don't dominate anymore. This one is neutral enough to look good in *any* environment, but the fun and festive notes of its textures got lost in the process.


'Evil' of not, they are all quite pretty, like little jewels. I'm gonna use them a lot.
Which one is your favourite now??



Please note
The cushions' recolors are NOT INCLUDED, by Michelle.
I'm using recolors from this set and this set. Get them all, mix and match, have fun, Michelle made plenty and they all look amazing. ^^

The cushion recolors are not necessary for this download to work, but isn't life better when we have more options?

The items used on my pictures...
...are either Maxis or made by me and available on my MTS profile. None of those things are necessary for the upload to work in your game. ^^

I added 3, for a total of 6, but now I REALLY don't plan on making more colors.
I am content with those three six; I think they make a nice and complete set. If you want to recolor them to create more color options in a similar style, provide a credit and link for my originals, as usual. ^^