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Buffyverse :: Lorne the Empath Demon

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2015 at 8:55 PM
Updated: 12th May 2022 at 4:42 PM
Thank you MTS for featuring this!
And indeed a Seabreeze is missing in those pictures! lol.

Seabreeze Drink


Lorne the Empath Demon!
When you sing, he can read your soul and tell you about your future.

Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan (that is Lorne's real name)
as portrayed by Andy Hallett:

Ok, so that was the sim. Now please, meet the man himself.

Wasn't he beautiful?
R.I.P. Andy Hallett. Heart failure at age 33.
That can't be from too much love, can it? The world lost a great actor, singer, entertainer. Too many people never knew about him.

Feel free to look at all the pictures. I posted many.
I really love this guy. Watch some of Angel, the tv show, if you want to see more of him! It's way worth it.
Lorne is in 70 episodes, from Season 2 and up.

More Information About Lorne
Lorne on the Buffy Wiki
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Actor Andy Hallett on Wiki
Actor Andy Hallett on IMDb
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Action Figures of Lorne out there

What kind of Aspiration should you give the Sim?
OMG, he is definitely a Pleasure (or Pleasure/Popularity) guy. If you never played with Pleasure sims before, now's your chance! The Nightlife EP was made for Lorne! It's his world!

All the content you saw on his Sim is INCLUDED, except...

HAIR Mesh NOT INCLUDED by shadylady482
HORNS Mesh NOT INCLUDED by Marvine (Thanks Hrtsmom for reminding me!)
NAILS Mesh NOT INCLUDED by shadylady482 (Thanks to my daughter for noticing!)

Get the hair mesh here!
the Hair MESH is IN THIS file --> SIM_PRS4R_RogerAP_092606.rar
The precise file you need is MESH_PRS4R_AdamHair_092506.package. No need to keep the whole Adam/Roger sim. Lorne only needs the hair mesh.

Mesh of the horns
the Horns MESH is in smallhorns_mf.rar, and the file to keep is MESH_ju-beos_smallhorns260406.package.

Get the mesh for the nails here!
the NAILS' mesh is IN THIS file --> MESH_PRS4R_NailPolish_073106.rar
There is only one file in that Rar, and it's the mesh you need for Lorne's nails to show up correctly in your game.

If you have a problem getting any of those meshes, please contact me.


Additional Credits:
Once again, as mentioned in my main text, a warm thank you to all the creators who allow the use of their creations on people's sims. We make better sims thanks to you!

A warm thank you also to jgwhiteus for his spiffy Colored Spotlights, to GunMod/dDefinder for the wonderful Radiance Light System 2.4, and to Numenor's Scriptorium which makes that complicated device easy to use and to install. My pictures wouldn't have been so gorgeous without those three items! Thanks again!

Another warm thank you to maxon and Peni Griffin for their help on the Creator's Feedback Forum. You helped me push things further! And thank you to my friends and family on Facebook for the constant support through the multiple posts and updates related to this!