5 New Soups and Custom Bowls_Tais [Updated 29/07/22]

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2022 at 8:35 PM
Updated: 29th Jul 2022 at 6:31 PM
Hello everyone who has not forgotten the sims 2 and me!
For a long time I did not create anything for my favorite game, but somehow one fine day I pulled myself together and I made a small lunch feast for our Sims!
The meshes of the soups themselves have hardly changed, but I have worked with the ingredients for cooking (to make it interesting to watch how the Sims work in the cooking process).
Well, my favorite - textures! I selected them according to my taste - soups that I love most of all. All textures are in a bowl with bump maps, so soups look more realistic.
Hurry, get your Sims seated at the table and treat them to new soups!
I hope everyone loves the variety of dishes in their game? Enjoy!

29/07/2022 Fixed "Menu" in Mushroom Soup-puree (originally didn't make the change in Chili Con Carne menu)

Common notes.

All meals use custom bowls, attached in folder Bowls_Tais (in archiv 5 New Soups+custom Bowls.zip), so make sure you downloaded and placed both serving and single bowls to your Downloads folder (or any subfolder) if you are downloading any meal.

2. All meals are created in Base Game and are compatible with any addons.
Due to Base Game compatibility, they don't have Call To Meal interaction.
Maybe you come in handy: with this hack , these meals will have Call To Meal interaction. However, the interaction is available only when you click on an empty spot of the plate.

3. Meal menus are currently available in English and Russian. If someone wants proper menus for other languages - please help me to translate meal names to your language.

4. Anticipating player requests, I added a package files No custom Bowl, which uses only game plates. It is in the folder 5 New Soups_NO cusnom Bowls.zip.

Important - You can use only one of the options:
- 5 New Soups+custom Bowls.zip
- 5 New Soups_NO custom Bowls.zip

Now, let's review meal:
- This is cloned from the Maxis' food Chili Con Carne

- Sims will chop the ingredients, then boil them

- All soups are prepared for lunch (Stew Potato and Meatball Soup are also prepared for dinner) or at any time through the "Cook" menu

- Requires Cooking Skill:
Pea Soup - Level 2
Mushroom Soup-puree - Level 2
Stewed Potatoes - Level 3
Meatball Soup - Level 3
Solyanka - level 4

Technical details:
- Foods, as usual, are animated by changing graphic; therefore, I'll give poly counts only for one of states, where they are highest (usually preparation state)

Pea Soup
- Products for cooking - 1068 faces
- Food without dishes (1 portion) - 36 faces
- Food without dishes (general) - 32 faces

Mushroom Soup-puree
- Products for cooking - 1570 faces
- Food without dishes (1 portion) - 36 faces
- Food without dishes (general) - 32 faces

Stewed Potatoes

- Products for cooking - 1713 faces
- Food without dishes (1 portion) - 136 faces
- Food without dishes (general) - 136 faces

Meatball Soup
- Products for cooking - 1340 faces
- Food without dishes (1 portion) - 36 faces
- Food without dishes (general) - 32 faces

- Products for cooking - 616 faces
- Food without dishes (1 portion) - 36 faces
- Food without dishes (general) - 32 faces

Textures and images Credits:
I used elements from these photos to create textures
1 Pea Soup - site blogspot.com photo
2 Meatball Soup - site restorandia.ru photo
Stewed Potatoes - site pulse.mail.ru photo
4 Mushroom Soup-puree - site booksread.info photo
5 Solyanka - site novyj-god-2022.ru photo

Additional Credits:
To skankyboy, for the smd plugin,
The extremely helpful thread originally posted by Jasana_BugBreeder with tons of information about creating custom foods.

Adobe Photoshop CS6,
The Compressoriz