Wear normal outfits at ThrifTea

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Uploaded: 23rd Aug 2022 at 7:20 PM
Updated: 8th Dec 2023 at 3:06 PM
Wear normal outfits at ThrifTea

Info Update 08.12.2023:
Mods compatible with (For Rent patch).
Patch added a new filter to exclude Tomarang residents, so I added that as well.

Changes in v0.3:
  • The latest patch seems to have fixed a filter needed to exclude Father Winter from certain situations so I removed the override from my mod.

Changes in v0.2:
  • Sims wear their Everyday outfit at Poetry Reading event
  • Sims wear their Everyday outfit at Comedy night event
  • Removed previous feature of adding Fashion Preference and Outfit filters to the Outfit creation UI

  • Townies wear their Everyday outfit when visiting ThrifTea.
  • Outfits worn during the ThrifTea Fashion Show event are less outlandish (less accessories, leggings, hats, glasses).
  • Father Winter is less likely to show up as a participant in the Thriftea events. He wasn’t blacklisted before.

I made this because I was annoyed with my townies showing up in ridiculous outfits at ThrifTea.
The hats, the leggings, the underwear… it was just too much.

With this mod townie sims will come dressed in their own outfits at ThrifTea even if they are a Fashion Browser, Fashion Enthusiast, Bubble Tea Customer.

I also tweaked a bit the outfits that sims wear during the ThrifTea Fashion Show event. They should be less outlandish. I didn’t want to turn them off completely as the event would seem a bit drab.

I made a small tweak to forbid Father Winter from showing up at the thrift store. He kept showing up as a fashion contestant at I felt it distracted him from other duties.

This mod overrides the following tunings: