Rebalanced Townie Generation for Sulani, Mt Komorebi and San Myshuno

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2022 at 11:04 PM
Updated: 8th Dec 2023 at 2:04 PM
This mod addresses an issue experienced by players with Snowy Escape, City Living and/or Island Living where all worlds would gradually get overpopulated with sims having Japanese, Moroccan, Islander and Indian names.

Info Update 08.12.2023:

Mods compatible with (For Rent patch)
New adjustmets added for Chestnut Ridge and Tomarang as separate downloads.

The explanation of the problem is complex but the solution was simple.

With the above packs installed the game has a setting to generate a minimum of 40 Japanese townies, 14 Islander townies, 10 Indian townies and 10 Moroccan townies. I turn that setting down. A version with the setting turned of is being tested.

The mod is not touching the names lists so you can use mods that add/change names lists. I also have a mod that expands the location-related names for more variety.

Installing will not affect any of the existing sims or townies, it affects the spawning of new townies.

The mod doesn’t forbid townies from spawning when you visit their assigned locations.
Indian townies will still spawn in the Spice Market,
Moroccan townies will still spawn in the Arts Quarter,
Japanese townies will still spawn in the Fashion District and Mt. Komorebi,
Islander townies will still spawn in Sulani.

The game will just spawn less of them when visiting other locations.

What to install:

There are three files, one for each expansion pack. Grab the ones you need for the packs you have.

Under the hood:
The game only counts “homeless” sims for this minimum requirement, so if you or Story Progression gives them a home the game will generate replacements.

Townie generation is mostly gameplay driven. It depends of where your sims live, how many worlds you have, what packs, how much you travel, what venues your sims go to, if they befriend a lot of sims etc. That is why some people are seeing imbalances and some are not.

You will not see any issues if you mostly play long lifespans or with aging off, if you don’t go through multiple generations and have the pre-made townies die off or obviously if you don’t have the packs mentioned above.

Also, some other mods prevent this from happening by altering the mechanics of townie generation (especially population control mods, townie restriction mods etc). You probably don’t need this if you have another mod that covers townie population, spawning and travel.

This is an override mod that changes the following files. Any other mods that touch these files will conflict.