Restore Default Names for Sims in Subneighbohoods

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Uploaded: 6th Jan 2023 at 6:57 PM
Updated: 8th Nov 2023 at 10:10 PM
One annoying aspect of the game is that it randomizes the names of created sims when adding a new sub-neighborhood, so far the only solution to this was to rename all of the sims manually. This script restores the original names of the sims as found in the sub-neighborhood template files.


The script uses the sim's hair, skin color, and default outfits to recognize the sim. If you changed any of these then the script might not work on the sim.

- backup your neighborhood
- Run the launch.bat file.
- Drag and drop the neighborhood's folder, then press Enter.
- Drag and drop each template folder that you used to create you sub-neighborhoods. Press Enter one time after adding each template.
- Once finished, press Enter one more time and the script will run.
- A folder named "New Character Files" will be generated. Copy all the files from that folder, and paste them in your neighborhood's Characters folder, overwriting the old files.

Known Issues
The script doesn't support split character files, i.e. characters that have file names like "N001_User00001.package" and "N001_User00001.1.package".

[19-2-2023] The script now skips pets instead of incorrectly renaming them.
[14-1-2023] The Python interpreter is now attached with the script, so downloading and installing Python is no longer required.
[13-1-2023] Fixed an issue in which a non-English name is displayed in the command line instead of the character's English name.
[7-1-2023] Fixed a potentially neighborhood corrupting bug that occurs when renaming sims with non-English characters. This includes one sim in Downtown, so If you used the script on Downtown before, then restore from backup.