Re-enable Ideal Emotion for City Living and Seasons Careers and afterschool activity

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Uploaded: 27th Apr 2024 at 10:11 AM
Updated: 28th Apr 2024 at 8:01 PM
Upload new version without unmodifield packages. Download new version! The mod dont impact gameplay.

Hi, this mod re-enable the ideal mood/emotion for the city living and Seasons careers. After the seaons expansion Maxis stopt with giving ideal moods for careers, but every career has an ideal emotion but those two are from before the get famous patch back in 2018.

There are two files so if you have both expansion packs you can download both but if you have only seaons, skip the file for city living and vice versa.

The ideal emotion/mood are

City living:
Politician_ confident
Social media_Playfull


I made this mod for myself but maybe some of you like this to. let me know of there is something wrong