Teens and Adults Can Play on Playgrounds

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Uploaded 24th Jan 2020 at 5:40 PM · Updated 18th Aug 2021 at 9:54 AM by tecnic

Added new version for those who were asking for toddlers to be added
i've added so toddlers now can play on pirate ship and space cruisers

Why should kids have all the fun, adults and teens like to play too..

Teens and Adults can now play and hangout on playground equipment

I wasn't actually planning this for my next mod upload

I been thinking for ages i would love to have my teen sims hangout on playgrounds so just on a whim i decided to see if i can make that possible
I also added adults to it as adults like to play and hangout sometimes too

Now I've tested it out i thought i'd share it

I created 2 separate versions to suit different preferences.

Version 1 - Teens can play and hangout on playground and monkey bars - for those of you who don't want adults on playgrounds
Version 2 - Teens and Adults can play and hangout for those of you who would like your adult sims to play too

Please use only 1 version

I haven't added elders to the mod simply because i tend not to have elders in my game only because i personally don't like their walk styles and creaking backs but if anyone want's them added let me know and i'll create another package with them in but as i don't have elders in my game i wont be able to test it with them in
I wouldn't imagine any conflicts but As playgrounds affect fitness skill and active trait i don't know how they will affect elders i'e uncomfortable buffs etc or what the imaging will be like with them so if you want then in i'll add them but you'll have to test that out yourself

What this mod does
I've unlocked all playground equipment so that teens through to adults can do all the stuff kids can on playgrounds inc the pirate ship, space cruiser and monkeys bars, they can still also do other things that they can usually do like play space monster etc although now they seem to be more interested in playing on them than playing space monster.

Effect on socializing
I've noticed while testing this mod that adults, teens and children seem to socialize a lot more which each other while handing out on monkey bars, and they get friendship gain when playing together, which i like as in base game the don't tend to socialize a lot unless you push them to .

I've also noticed the playgrounds being used a lot more by teens, adults and children. in base game i also don't normally see children hanging out and playing on playgrounds much outside of certain lots and have never seen them socialize while hanging out without user direction until now

Conflicts: I've not found any conflicts so far but as i always say it could conflict with mods that use the same files, in this case any files that alter playground equipment

Feel free to edit any of my mods to suit your own preferences

This was created and tested with the latest update, Discover University so should work with base game and all packs

Mod created with Sims4Studio

Type: Social Motive gain Other

Tags: #playground, #teens, #adults