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myCASmods - Pretty 'N' Plain Solid Backgrounds

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2024 at 10:57 AM
Check the pictures to know how this looks in-game!

Wanna try something new and fresh for your Create A Sim Room? This 18 new variations, 9 pastel & 9 intense tones, are the perfect companion you need to turn your CAS into the perfect photo studio.

Pretty 'N' Plain Solid Backgrounds, part of myCASmods (upcoming collection), fit every single need you have to take good pictures of your Sims, or just show a cute super basic background different than the default one. One small thing this Mod differs from others is the presence of the Blob. Many creators remove it because they don't like the shadow casted by the Sim on the floor, but I've managed to make it look decent and better fitting.

How this exactly works?

- Substitutes the default Create A Sim background with one opaque color.
- Some variations like "Oceanic" or "Leaf" are perfect to use them as your chroma, without affecting your eyes.
- Mix & Match with custom lighting settings, such as Lighting Mod by Nothern Siberia Winds.
- Horses, infants and newest occults are also compatible.

Will conflict with another Mod?

Conflicts with any file that modifies the same resources. I don't recommend it but, still, you can use any Blob Remover to delete the shadow under the Sim if you want to.

What file(s) should I download?

Make sure you JUST INSTALL ONE OF THEM, because having multiple files of this kind in the Mods folder *could* cause unpredictable results and visual glitches.

(If you have any trouble let me know as PM or via email)
- 1.0 (06/10/24): Initial launchment. I'm currently working on a hot fix for DX11, since it makes the textures appear blank/broken if you choose the game to run with it. Meanwhile, mark the DX9 Checkbox from the Game Options to properly render the CAS Rooms.

Additional Credits:
EA, Maxis
Sims 4 Studio
Adobe Photoshop
My beloved friend Strange Townie for the suggestion

Note: some pictures from my game may feature another visual Mods like Gentle CAS Lighting by Northern Siberia Winds, or Better In-Game Lighting by them too. Theese are NOT included neither necessary to use my Mods.