Minecraft :: The Nether - Mini Set

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2024 at 5:19 PM
Updated: 6th Jul 2024 at 3:25 AM
Hi everyone!

Here is a small set of :
- 4 walls;
- 4 floors and;
- 1 lamp recolor;

...to bring Minecraft into your Sims game again!
(you can find a set of Minecraft "people" on my profile to go with this)

The walls and floors :
Combine them together to create a mini Nether, from Minecraft!
You can make a Nether Fortress, add Netherrack around it, and add some lava on the floor.
You can also paint the walls of a pool with Netherrack and put lava at the bottom, and it will seem as if your pool is a hole in the ground towards hell, lol.

You can also make a *Nether Portal !

The lamp :
It was designed to hide well among the Nether textures, and to look like Glowstone (use your imagination, lol). If you amass them in a clump (with Moveobjects, boolProp snapObjectsToGrid false and by shifting them), it can look like the mineral!
Basegame Lighting/CeilingLamps, 120ยง, 4x4 Designer Chandelier

*OFB requirement :
Only if you wish to create a Nether Portal with the Obsidian textures joined to this set. OFB's split-level building tool will help you! If you don't care about the Portal, you don't need OFB to use the set.

Can sims live in the Nether? Won't their beds explode?
Vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, your creatures of the night will love it!
If you need furniture that won't clash with those textures, you can look at object recolors here on MTS, there's many. In particular, Michelle and iCad made a great number of very nice recolors of all kinds of items which will match like a charm with this.

Well, everything is made from my past textures or Maxis textures. Recycling is a good thing! lol.