The little raku teahouse (No CC)

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This 2 bedroom house has existed for generations and its historical purpose from growing tea and selling its produce has been changed over the years to fit a standard modern family.
Established around 1523, Chie Yu (Then only as young as 20) became the first woman to produce and trade Matcha powder across Sulani island and made quite a fortune. The success of her company allowed her to expand her business further and eventually shipments could be sent to other parts of San Myshuno. As the company grew bigger and became renown, it was full time for Mrs. Yu to leave the establishment and continue manifacturing on a bigger lot, thus abandoning the lot for quite some time.

Ca 1759 Sir Rodger J S of Old Newcrest wrote in his letter to the Dutchess of Simsington that he could not bear to see his favourite vintage Matcha tea brand become tainted by the state of the old brittle building and in his -quote
"Dwam. Such a frail building" and -quote
"Oh Boobashnot! So old, yet in its absolute might be it magnificent; I find this Jadoshi. Who else will take it upon themself to raise such a structure up with his sword? But Shoo flee, I have no time to tend to such unimportant matters. Let the responsibillity become yours. Dag dag, Sir Rodger Jamie Snorkington of Old newcrest"
And so the restoration of the old teahouse became an important job for the dutchess of simsington. The total restoration took about 5 years before it had a new owner (Unknown even on this day) which unfortunately drowned in the water nearby. It was then said to curse whoever moves in without the houses spirits approval. We now know after researching for years that this is not a fact and a complete cover up to attempt to hide the fact that this John Doe(name not known) fell asleep on the balcony one late night and fell out the railing. John doe's autopsy reported that he had consumed fermented Matcha tea and had not aquired the swimming skill yet. Perhaps whoever spread these rumors long ago might have a descendant who knows the truth.

The latest renovation and restoration was made in 1998 and have had all the recommended safety checks up to date. The roof has also been replaced with a kinder eco-friendly material.

The soil on this land still holds high quality which might benefit the newest homeowner if he would wish to take up tea manufacturing and continue the history of this old teahouse and its roots in matcha production. He also might discover old recipes appearing randomly on the lot. This is just the wind and not the spirit of old Chie Yu, i promise.

The old fashioned fishermans hut which used to dry many different varieties of fish has been renewed and remodeled into a more modern laundry room. It is now equipped with electrical sockets that fits most washing machines.
Lastly, the dock can still be used to hold boats if required and has been oiled with the latest decking stain to fit the asthetic of the house.