The old manor museum (No CC)

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2024 at 9:15 PM
This old house was created after seeing the featured upload of a victorian manor by another user called plumbobkingdom .
i've seen it every time i go on the website and i kept thinking what a great idea it would be if i make some more historical houses in the future!
The victorian manor gave me some ideas how i could make my own historical buildings and came up with my own version, with a bit of a nordic/medieval touch to it!

This lot is a museum but could be used as housing, i do recommend adding more kitchen utilities for it though as it isnt that suitable for cooking if you want your sims to live well there. There's also room in the basement for two serveants and the back of the garden could probably have room for building a stable/carriage for your old fashioned sims!

I suppose it could also be remade into a bar because of the basement having their own vintage nectar bottles!
As stated by the title, i will be putting in (No CC) in most of my uploads from now on as i prefer to use original content and it makes things less complex.