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Recolors for desk chair, study 2, 4 Ever Simfantasy

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2005 at 3:12 AM
Updated: 26th Dec 2008 at 5:31 PM - Correct URL for 4 Ever Simfantasy
Hi all! Here is a recolor of the frame and 3 recolors of the chair fabric for the desk chair in 4 Ever Simfantasy's Study 2 set located at http://www.4eversimfantasy.net/index.htm . The set is available as individual items and the items are free downloads.

You do not get the chair shown in the screen shot with the black fabric. That one is the chair as it comes with the set. I put it in the shot to try and give you a point of comparison for the difference in shine between the original and mine. Hope it gives you some idea. I'm NEVER completely happy with my screen shots, LOL. You do get the ruby, tangerine and light grey colors, all a suede fabric. I thought it would be easier for you download all fabric colors in a single file. Hope I made the right decision.

The desk, lamp and notebook computer are also in that study set. I wanted the desk in the picture so that you could see that my recolor of the chair frame works really well with the desk as is, which is why I decided not to recolor the desk.

I have Uni installed, so I don't really know if these objects work without the EP. If you don't have Uni but have these meshes in your game, would you be kind enough to do a quick post in this thread? That way non-EP users can know at a glance if the meshes will work for them. I showed EP ready as it MADE me pick a category to upload and think that should be correct.

BTW, don't let the word "test" in my file name for the frame concern you. It's a note to myself about the reflectivity I gave the finish. Didn't dawn on me until I was zipping the file that this might raise a question or two on your part.

To those that download, as always, enjoy! These recolors are being offered with permission.