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Potholders and Ovenmitts

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2005 at 1:19 PM
Updated: 6th Dec 2008 at 4:36 AM
Pot holders and ovenmitts. These are just decorative items.

Unique Guid
EP Ready
CEP Required (I think)

Poly Count
Potholder - Hanging : 100
Potholder - Flat : 68
Ovenmitt - Hanging : 292
Ovenmitt - Flat : 260

Cloned From

Blender/Ultimate Unwrap 3d SimPE .43g (qa)
Mesh Tool 0.9.46

Recolour Information
Both the potholder and ovenmitts use custom textures and can be recoloured.

Each of the hanging version mesh contains the textures.
The flat of each shape "borrows" their textures from the hanging version.

The mesh contains the green and honeylocust recolour. I've included zips for the red and white recolour.

Installation Instructions
Unzip and put in Download dir (or below)

Hanging: Found in Kitchen, Decorative, Wall
Flat: Found in Kitchen, Decorative, Misc

As it uses alpha/beta tools, all my objects must be considered beta until otherwise stated.

Recolouring & Posting Policy
You may recolour as you desire. You may post your recolours, but you must not post the original mesh. Provide a link to the original mesh where you post your recolour.

At this time do not include my objects in any posted house /lots.