Warlokk's Female BodyShape Variety Project w/ Non-default Nude Meshes

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Uploaded: 18th Sep 2005 at 5:37 AM
Updated: 5th Jan 2006 at 4:45 AM - Moved instructions to the top
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! If you read nothing else in this post, read these instructions before downloading!!!!

The absolute minimum you need are the following:

Warlokk_Top_and_Bottom_Meshes (used for nudes as well as top and bottom clothing)
Warlokk_Full_Body_Nude_Meshes (used for underwear/swimsuits and other skin-tight full-body outfits)
Any set of Skins, your choice

This will give you top and bottom outfits in all the sizes, and a full-body underwear outfit for every combination. Once you have the outfits, you can see them in Bodyshop/CAS to see what the different sizes look like, then you can download the Skin pack(s) that are useful to you, you can always come back and get more later.

To install, extract to your Downloads directory. If you have Nightlife you can use subfolders to keep them sorted from the rest.

There are 98 files total, adding up to 133mb uncompressed, which includes 26 Skintones, 26 Full-body meshes, 10 top and bottom meshes, 10 top and bottom Everyday clothing items, and 26 Underwear clothing items (whew!). I will not repackage them in .zips, get a .rar extractor they're free.

How to use:

1. Choose Skintone in Custom Genetics displaying the BodyShape you would like your sim to have. You will see no immediate size difference in the clothed Sim, these only affect the shape of the nudes, so you'll only see it in-game.

2. Pick clothing from this set or the various other items that have been uploaded by me or others here, that matches the sizes you've chosen. The Corset and Shorts I created for the base set use the same meshes as the nudes tied to the skintones, so they will show exactly what your sim will look like nude. The skintone size has no effect on clothing whatsoever, they are separate meshes, it's up to you to make them match. To make it automatic, Maxis would have to do it in the main program, so don't ask me if I can do it.

3. Play!

We now continue with my normal rambling post... much detail to follow for the non-ADD crowd :cranky:

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Hello Fellow Simmers/Modders/Download Addicts!

OK, here we go... ever since the Sims2 came out, I was always disappointed with the lack of variety of body shapes and sizes that were available in the game. Everyone was the same shape or size, other than the minor variations of fitness levels.

Thanks mostly to the work and advice of Marvine, with a little help from Kathy over at InSIMinator, the lack of variety is over!

After MANY hours of work and experimentation, including figuring out how to use SimPE and Milkshape for the first time, I am proud to present my Female BodyShape Variety Project.

Included in these files are the parts needed to make a wide variety of women of all shapes and sizes, organized by body measurements. Tops are sorted by a bra-size equivalent (OK they're probably not perfect but my girlfriend says they're real close), and the bottoms are by Hip size. Both are assuming a Maxis default of 34B top and 34" Hips, which is where I started from with the meshes.

The top sizes are:
34B Default Maxis (not created, already in the game)
34B Natural (Maxis default size + gravity)
34C Natural
34C Enhanced (Surgical or clothing enhancement, you decide)
36D Natural
36D Enhanced
38DD Natural
38DD Enhanced

The bottoms:
34" Hips (not created, already in game)
36" Hips
38" Hips

In the various Skins downloads, there are the skintone files tied to the meshes listed to provide the bodyshapes with the top size labelled. In other words, the 36D_Enh_Skins file includes 3 skintones, with 36D Enhanced tops, with 34, 36 and 38" hips. Check out the screenshots, it'll all make sense.

But the neat thing is, thanks to the methods Marvine worked out and helped me through, a sim with these skintones will have the bodyshape indicated when they are naked! No more shrinking sims when they shower! Now, you will still have to put clothes on them to match their body sizes if you want them to stay consistent, but we've already been doing that with the clothing body sizes, so that's nothing new. The clothing I created is all clearly marked with the body sizes it is intended for, so it should be easy to figure out. Also, keep in mind you won't see any difference in the bodyshape in CAS or BodyShop... these meshes only show when they are truly nude, which only happens in-game.

I have also created full-body nude meshes for every combination of the above, and an Underwear/PJ outfit using it. There is a default Maxis Top and Bottom Everyday clothing item for each size as well. These can be exported and converted to new textures, and re-imported, and they will keep their shapes. The same goes for the skintones, I have uploaded them with the Maxis Default Tan skintone (with no naughty bits), so it can be available to everyone and not limited to the adult downloads. However, if you export one of these skintones, and apply the textures of your favorite downloaded skintone, and re-import it, it will keep the custom bodyshape I have assigned it.

These meshes are fully morph-compatible, so Fat/Fit/Pregnancy effects work fine. Apply the Fat setting to some of the larger sizes to see some pretty dramatic shapes!

My intention was to release the basic building blocks needed to create a variety of women's body shapes in the game... now it's up to you to dress them up! Feel free to modify, retexture (they aren't my textures anyway, they're all Maxis), mangle, mutate and do anything you want with these, because I'm tired now and I want you all to create new stuff for my new ladies!

Please don't upload these to the Exchange (would only cause a lot of confusion), and don't upload any parts of them to a pay site, I feel these things should be free to everyone to play and experiment and build with. Just give me credit for the meshes if you upload them somewhere, no need to ask... just post a link here so I can grab them too!

Anyway, on with the screenshots and files, I hope this rambling all makes sense. Try them out, you'll see how it all works very quickly.

Enjoy, I hope this repays the hundreds (thousands?) of items and hacks I've gotten from this great community.

I am taking requests for ideas, post any suggestions for the BodyShape collection here:

I've put a tutorial on how to convert clothing/skintones to use these or any custom meshes:


Warlokk :guitar: