The Darling Duplexes

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Uploaded: 29th May 2006 at 8:15 AM
Lot size 5x3

Cost $268,324

3 full bathrooms (in both homes)

3 Bedroms (in both homes)

A nice cozy Duplex for two families, or young adults going to college, or
live in one side and rent the other side out...sims could just sit back and
rake in the simoliens!!
Both duplexes are identical, except the decor differs in each. Double
connecting garages, Alfresco dining, pool and swings complete this home.

Sims2Pack scanned and cleaned


Divine lime tree

Eucalyt tree
Australian eucalypt
by darylmarkloc


ATS modern line kitchen chair003
ATS modern line bed002
ATS modern line endtable002
ATS bathroom decorative bottles
ATS modern line bed003
ATS modern line end table001

Outdoor 3 trellis medium
Outdoor 3 Arbour
Outdoor 3 sunshade
Outdoor 3 climbing rose tree
Bathroom 4 plant
Living 22 Quatro ceilling lamp
3 Painting vertical other 1
Bedroom 6 shag rug
Living room 3 philodendron
Dining 8 chair

Fancifully fuzzy fern

Pacific fence white
Eclipse desk
Coconut coffee table
Laurana interiour fence
Alessia flowers
Neon plant
Alessia rug

All other recolors by myself

Aussie weatherboard 8, outside of house
Aussie render 15, on outside of garage
Aussie wall tiles 4, in all left hand duplex bathrooms
Aussie wall tiles 3, in all right hand bathrooms

Lighter off max, on pathways, around pool, front porch & back patio
Aussie tiles 13, in right hand duplex kitchen and all bathrooms
Aussie tiles, in left hand kitchen and all its bathrooms

Oriental rug recolors
Piano recolor
Double beds, covers only recolor
Single beds, covers only recolor
Garage door recolors

Please give credit back to me if uploading!


top, left to right,
Ground floor plan
Top floor plan

Bottom, left to right,
Dining and kitchen area
Lounge room

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