CoverArt Tshirts Ani DiFranco: Dilate, Little Plastic Castle, Up Up Up

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Uploaded 30th Jun 2006 at 12:44 AM

Greetings all and to all good tidings; Minstrel here with my first Sims creations I hope people might enjoy.

I was testing out a design concept of taking CD cover art and using them to make adult tee shirts (if someone wants to convert them to teens as well please do, I'll add them and give you a credit for the conversion! I don't have access to Sim tools just photoshop/bodyshop at home on my mac G5). They are on basic meshes done in color to give them a bit of a vintaged look. These three turned out the best of my test runs so I'm going to share them and see what people think of this look. With good response I'd do more for both sexes and time permitting some requests possibly.

So if you like the look and can picture a CD cover you'd like on a shirt (I know Ani is a bit of a niche but it was a request from my sim Layla as a gift for her partner, heh) then let me know and give me some feedback/thanks!

Speaking of thanks; mine go to my model sim Stella K. Bella who did a great job posing for the screenies.

Take care; Minty

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