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***Updated 04/12/08***Honey Wood Dining room set (New Meshes)

3,192 Downloads 359 Thanks  Thanks 13 Favourited 22,901 Views
Uploaded: 5th Nov 2006 at 3:33 PM
Updated: 17th Mar 2009 at 1:49 PM - 14/03 Uploading missing files
Hi everybody,

I made this new dining room set with 7 new meshes:

-The Table (cloned from "Luxiary Ample King Dining")
Faces 88 Vertex 156

-Chairs (cloned from "Dynasty Dining Chair")
Faces 324 Vertex 455

-Cabinet 1 (cloned from "Immobile Chimes Mobile in Steel")
Faces 1180 Vertex 3215
-Cabinet 2 (cloned from "Immobile Chimes Mobile in steel")
Faces 1502 Vertex 4277
- Painting (cloned from "Rainy Day Main Street")
Faces 48 Vertex 98
- Plant (cloned from "Fruitless Fig Tree")
Faces 733 Vertex 929

***Important update 04/12/2008*** I have redone entirely the Ceiling Lamp. The first version couldn't be recolorable (Thanks to Skipper Kid for reporting me the bug)
I add also several recolors of it.
Please redownload the zip called 'Ceiling Lamp 2 & recolors' and delete the old ceiling lamp package!


Hope you'll like this set!

*You can re-color the meshes for a free site, add it to a house set (free) with credits. For a pay site: keep this set free if you want to re-color it.
Please link back to this post for the meshes!