Deep Canyon Research Facility - Probing the secrets of Strangetown

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The Deep Canyon Research Facility sits precariously close to the rim of the Deep Canyon of Strangetown (or any other desert neighborhood you may have). With a substantial grant from the Landgrabb family, the complex was built to investigate the strange seismographic phenomena of the canyon, which appeared almost overnight around the same time that residents of Strangetown began reporting sightings of Bella Goth.

The facility comes furnished for about $208,000. It is comprised of three floors. The first floor is the lobby/security checkpoint, waiting room, and common room/observation area. Security is no joke at the DCRF, so have all proper ID in hand. Our security professionals will assist you throughout your stay at Deep Canyon, and can be found at the front desk. The focal point of the first floor is the large semi-spiral staircase leading up to the main research level. There is also a two-car garage adjacent to the lobby, but access is restricted to authorized personnel.

The second floor is the heart of the DCRF. The Landgrabb Atrium houses a lush botanical garden where our scientists work to unlock new pharmaceutical breakthroughs and better stock for feeding llamas. The primary laboratory houses sophisticated medical equipment, and discoveries made in the Atrium are further studied and processed here. Access is strictly regulated. Safety is a top priority here at the DCRF, so our laboratories come equipped with emergency shower stations in case of hazardous spills. Adjacent to the main lab is the Deep Canyon cafeteria, which is open 24 hours to provide all the nutrition and stamina our scientists need. On the other side of the second level is the library and records room. Here our scientists can review their notes and up-to-date literature on their research. There is access to the back of the facility from this level, where our scientists can unwind in the swimming pool, or enjoy the breathtaking vistas of Deep Canyon.

The third floor is home away from home for our scientists. We demand a lot out of our staff, so we try to give them the utmost in comfort and luxury during their off-hours. You will notice that there are no security cameras on the third level. Our staff is under the watchful eye of Big Brother throughout the working day, so we give them this safe haven away from prying eyes. However, to ensure security, the third floor is accessible only by the DCRF's very own patented teleportation system, which requires high clearance to activate. Step on the round disk on the second floor and immediately reappear on another disk on the third floor. There is a large living area with a widescreen TV and pool table, three separate bedrooms for the long hauls, and a large bathroom with walk-in shower and bath, two toilets, and two sinks.

Hovering over the rim of Deep Canyon is the DCRF's newest scientific suite. Harnessing the latest in repulsorlift technology (perfected right here at Deep Canyon), this floating laboratory pokes, prods, and probes the mysteries of Deep Canyon's origins. All of the experiments run there are classified, but we can tell you that it is only accessible through a teleporter, and instrumentation on board not only looks deep into the recess of our world, but also deep into the recesses of other worlds as well.

This lot is built around the research theme, so it does not have a great deal of decoration. The layout and decor is very utilitarian, as would be expected for a research facility. The walls throughout the building are cement or tile, exceedingly gray. Of course, this is just the way I envisioned it and by no means do your sims have to live in it. Redecorate as you see fit.


Sims can get hung up on the staircase. Maxis didn't program them with a whole lot of intelligence, and sometimes they will get stuck if more than one person is using the stairs at the same time. I tried to make sure that didn't happen by making two stairs for each level, but the sims don't seem to notice that an unused staircase is right next to them. Sorry!

The bedrooms are not big enough for a double bed to fit AND be functional. I designed the bedrooms to be used by one or two sims with single beds, in keeping with the research theme. The communal bathroom on the third floor is rather large, however, so you could make that into a master suite if you want.

Certain walls may not accept paintings, lighting, or anything for that matter, due to the "boolprop constrainfloorelevation" cheat I used to make the skylight over the atrium, and bury the building into the mountain. Using "moveobjects on" can fix this, although sims may not be able to use objects that are anchored to the wall in such a way.

There are no windows in the lobby because this part of the facility is underground. It can get dark in there, but I did provide ample lighting. Click on one of the lights and hit "Turn On...This Room" to prevent sims getting very low environment motivation.

Pets that use the "teleporter" (aka Targa's Ascension V2 stairs) will not teleport the way human sims do, but will walk up or down the stairs normally, even though the stairs are invisible. So it will look like they are walking on thin air and through walls. This is nothing I can help...blame Maxis.


Glass Block Wall by Moon_Ez
Blue transparent floor tile by RGiles
Hi-tech flat & center lightpanels, the Borg collection, and StarFleet console by Xanathon
KS InWallLight Down by klarsicht42
Window Frame by Tiggy027
Satellite dish by UK1967
Radio Telescope & WallWindow Glass by Numenor
Ascension V2 Stairs (included with permission) by Targa
Eponymous Garden and Mobeus plant by Kate
Philodendron, rotadendron, maidenhair fern, pampas grass, Dome Display Case & Floating Fetus by Mickyss
Small plant by
Chicago Bath by SolanderCGN
Blue Glass Bathroom set & Rundtoilette by Phelana
Mad Scientist set by Paleoanth
Invisible driveway by Roddyalexio
Laboratory set wall and floor tiles by Bink13y
Chemistry set by crocobaura & Paleoanth
Skeleton by gromit
Security Camera V2 by fardly
Hudson Office Suite by JohnBrehaut1
Buyable Career Rewards (Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station, AquaGreen Hydroponic Garden & TraumaTime "Incision Precision" Surgical Training Station) by Millipedeman


Aliante plant by
Value Vending Machine by pacotacoplayer
Security Desk by darylmarkloc
Nikko Lounge Chair by MaxoidMonkey

P.S. Sorry the description sounds like a PR brochure, I thought it would add to the theme of this lot.