Greenest Grove Wolf Project

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Greenest Grove Wolf Project

I have here a story about a
young man that came across a pack
of wolves in desperate need of
shelter and food. Starting out with
nothing but a sleeping bag and a few
provisions Neil was accepted as a pack
member and looked upon as a dependent
for food supplies. The bonding grew very
quickly between the pack members and him.

Hope you ALL can make the
Building is not furnished, as file would have been too big.
Greenest Grove is packed with and without family at my Yahoo group. Packed unfurnished. Pictures are how I play the lot! Plus will give you ideas as how to place objects and for design.

Brooks Finishing Touches

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price: 73,208

Additional Credits:
I am very grateful to the creators of SimPE, tutorials that helped me build and enjoy other creators works as well. I am terribly sorry that I have been uable to upload anyone else creations. As I have no clue where I got the terrain or the wall paper. This was not intentional, just human error.

For the Exterior walls: Norwegian mountain cabin

For some of the grasses and soils: Aussie Soil

Aussie Soil is a collection of 12 terrain paints
And for the rest of the pebbles and sands: Aussie Sand & Pebbles

Aussie Sand & Pebbles has 10 terrain paints in its collection

Please feel free to dig deep to donate to MTS2. They have lots to offer and a place for us all.

Humbly yours

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