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404 Tile Not Found :: 18 Versatile Walls and Floors

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Uploaded: 30th Dec 2021 at 8:12 PM
Updated: 11th May 2022 at 3:26 AM
Hi all,
Happy Holidays!

No, your internet is not broken, and you are seeing the pictures clearly. This set is called 404, Tile Not Found, it's a pun.

I bring some pretty new walls and floors for your sims, and soft on their wallet (§2 each, in the game catalog). It's one of the best sets I made, you will use it plenty.

They are all extremely versatile and pretty:
- with each other;
- with all my previous sets of walls and floors;
- with a lot of custom walls, floors, objects and decorative items;
- with a lot of Maxis stuff.

See for yourself!
All of my pictures display bathrooms, but you can try this set in the kitchen, living, bedroom, teleworking office, outside, wherever. Any of the wood floors can be your main floor when you build a house, adding a happy touch of color. If you want carpet assorted to this, just try any carpet from my previous sets. You can also match it with other creators' or Maxis carpet. Also, instead of carpet, you could add a rug for an extra effect.

The set contains:

- the Collection file (Residential)
- the new Wall-Hangings (two recolors of Maxis 'Handle and Spout');
- 3 Tiled Walls;
- 8 Tiled Floors;
- 7 Wood Floors assorted to the tiled floors;

also, as extra :
- two coffee table Recolors, from a discontinued previous set ('Simple Structure', one blue and one green, in 'malachite' finish), and shown on the pictures of this set;
- one Wallpaper, from a discontinued previous set ('Dream', beige with crown and kick in white wood), and shown on the pictures as well.



Have a good day!
Enjoy! ^^