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Final Fantasy VII: Tifa's Bar - 7th Heaven

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 4th Nov 2007 at 6:18 AM
Updated: 2nd Mar 2009 at 3:29 AM

Based on the version in the original Final Fantasy VII game, I give you 7th Heaven, Tifa's Bar. It is purely based off of the ORIGINAL game, not Advent Children where it is much different. Residing in Sector 7 in Midgar, 7th Heaven provides the residents with a warm place to go when times are bad, which it often is, being in The Slums. Cloud and Tifa live here, along with Barret's adopted daughter, Marlene; the bar also counts as the base for AVALANCHE, the anti-ShinRa group formed by Tifa, Barett, and a few others to put an end to the ShinRa Corporation's mass usage of the Planet's precious Mako energy.

Lot Information:

Category: residential (meant for a home business)
Lot Size: 2x2
Price: $108,644
Furnished: yes - see credits
Tested/Played: yes, less than one in-game day
EP's Required: all but Bon Voyage
Stuff Packs Required: Glamour Life, Family Fun Stuff

Important Notes:

- the bar is lacking a formal kitchen/dining room meant for the family, but there is an entire empty third floor/attic to build one in, as well as any other rooms you desire. There is a ladder leading up to the third floor, but I recommend replacing it with stairs to make it more proper
- the ugly outer terrain is because the bar is located in The Slums, a very poor, dirty part of Midgar
- I only included a room for Marlene, not Denzel, since he is only ever seen in Advent Children, not the original game
- like with all home businesses, lock certain doors where you don't want customers roaming. There wasn't any room on the main floor for a public washroom, so I was forced to add one upstairs. Be sure to lock all other doors on this floor except for the one to the small bathroom... or regret it
- until I was done bulding the lot, I did not realize a major let-down in this lot: Sims are unable to enter the basement. I could not find a solution as to why this was, but they definitely can't enter the basement or interact with any objects in the basement. I was very upset when I discovered this, but I think the lot is still very usable. If someone can find a way to fix this please let me know!!

Sims (seen in screenshots):

Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, Reno, & Rude - NessyOriginal
Marlene Wallace & Yuffie Kisaragi - Sango_91
Vincent Valentine - by me, search modthesims2 for better versions

Custom Content Included:
- "La Clásica" Door by temptress
- Awning by Solander
- Awning Stripes Recolour, Andaluz Shower Recolour by fizzbin
- Bath Andaluz Shower by by tkangie
- Ailias Modern Round Wall Light by Ailias
- Lagorette Plant by Sandy
- Electric Water Cooler and Recolour by boblishman
- Carved Wood Wall by Magick Modders
- Vrooom! Dining Chair, Outdoor Lantern by Numenor
- Vrooom! Dining Chair Black Recolour by V1ND1CARE
- Medium Brown Wood Floorboards by Michelle
- Brick Wall by Brighten
- Potted Hibiscus by macarossi
- Potted Plant, Indoor Poppy by Steffor of Avalon
- Working Ladder and Recolour by marvine
- Barn Flooring by Melly_Sim
- Discourse Dining Table by Taroo
- Independent Expressions Inc. - Standard Window, Standard Window (two wall spaces),
Privacy Window by MaryLou
- Walnut Door by jpaugh78
- Sci-Fi Floorings by pixelhate
- Brick Wall by xocaliroxoxox
- Outer Brick Wall with Header by Lethe_s
- Wooden Paneling Wall by holysimoly

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all the creators who provided me with their amazing custom content that was used in this lot. Your hard work is very much appreciated.