Final Fantasy VII AC final

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Uploaded: 21st Jul 2006 at 2:56 AM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2006 at 5:02 AM - uploading new skintone
plan on update: Has been DONE!!! 22 July

I have a new, better face for them, I will upload the new skin the next few days, I make some correction on the nose (better nose), and the corner of the mouth (because on the current skin, I accidentally left helaene's mouth corner on my face texture, I used one of helaene lip coloring just for comparation with my own lips, and I forgot to delete it.) and since it's so tiny, I didn't realize it right away, and just later at night when I made some new recolor of this skinset. However those problem are fixed, and ready to be uploaded.

HI people,

these are my version of Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo.
They are all adult sims, I edited Kadaj in sim PE to make it shorter, and Loz to be taller.

All FF fanatics out there (including some people who keep PM-ing me about this)
Today you can have them all, HAPPY now ?!?!?

I edited my Hwoarang costume to make a 'generic' Kadaj's clothes, and used it to preview my Ghost 01P skin.
However, since that day I got quite some PMs asking me about doing the rest of the trio.

OK...OK, I decided to tweak the costume a little, made it shorter for Loz,
just keep everything simple without giving much effort since I'm not that much of FF fan anyway.

but then I LOATHE the outcome, >_<; it was not detailed, half assed, and totally suck.

so I start making over everything again from the skin, hair recolor, and their costumes,
I watched the DVD again to look at all the details, and to memorize their looks.

So I truly gave all my effort into this, so please at least CLICK THAT THANKS BUTTON just below the download links
Only 3% of people who download my stuff say thanks
that's quite hillarious to see how people are so un-thankful today
I say this for all the people who have spent their energy, and time for making free stuff for us
without them we would stuck with maxis stuff, and you can just imagine how UGLY your simmies would be.

or they might stop being generous and put prices for their items,
which one is easier, click the thanks button, or type your credit card numbers?

Included in the package:
Special skin
the eyebrows, lips, eyelashes, and hairline are painted on the genetic skin face,
I made it special for this project.
3 pairs casual clothes
eyes are my own "cateyes"
my recolor (re texturing & alpha modifying) of Sshodan "curly long hair" for Yazoo
my recolor of maxis hair for Loz
sideburns for Loz
my recolor of Generalzoi bunch glove cuff

Not included (need to be downloaded separately)
needed item
hair mesh for Yazoo, "curly long hair" by Sshodan, download the mesh only

Kadaj hair by Louis, list of Louis items there

generalzoi glove cuff mesh

optional items
blush by Helaene (Yazoo,and Kadaj use the helaene - softblush - 1)
eyeshadow also by Helaene. (helaene - 1225shadows - taupe)
(but I have the eyelashes painted on the face, so using helaene eye makeup is not a must)

those are in-game snapshots (real in game color and lighting) I just cut it out from its BG

more (normal/plain) skintones in this texture style are exclusively hosted by,
so please don't ask me about uploading other tones here.

I might upload more skin here in the future but not in this series.

So if you want this type of skinset in asian, medium, light, dark tones, all you have to do is donating some dollars there,
spend your credit points to D/L my skinset there
so this poor navetsea can have his share, and buy some food for his cats.

Happy simming