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Maxis-Matchy ManBrows! Binned!

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Uploaded: 29th Nov 2007 at 5:56 PM
Updated: 13th Jan 2009 at 9:19 PM - editing keywords
Behold! Change your sim's hair colour in CAS or Bodyshop and these brows will change colour too! Behold! Only one colour - that which matches your sim's hair - will appear in your brow bin! That's 75% less clutter! Alas! Yee-haw! Indeed Pumpkinseed!

Custom brows & facial hair clutter up the bin like mad. They force you to scroll scroll scroll and click on a zillion wrong-colour brows to find one good one. They're annoying. So I decided to try colour-binning the buggers and - behold! - it worked! It's not even hard! Surely these can't be the first binned brows, but I haven't seen any before so here's the method I used:
  1. Make your brows in Bodyshop as usual. I recommend cloning Maxis brows as a base to avoid complications.
  2. Quit Bodyshop and open your new black brows in SimPE.
  3. Click "Texture Overlay XML" in the Resource Tree, then click the first item in the Resource List.
  4. Copy the family number to a temporary text file - you'll use that later.
  5. Change the hairtone to the correct colour number. A list of numbers can be found in HystericalParoxysm's Hair Binning Tutorial. Click Commit.
  6. Repeat step 5 for each item in the Resource List, being careful to make the grey brows grey. Save.
  7. Open the next brow colour in SimPE. Repeat steps 5 & 6, but this time DELETE the grey and also paste in that black family number - you want all the colours to have the same family number.
  8. Remember to commit after each change and save when you're done.

Other facial hair can be binned exactly the same way. Theo's Colour Binning Tool works too.... for the most part. It doesn't delete the extra greys so you'll still have to do that manually in SimPE. And of course you can always use an in-game mirror to make the brows not match your sim's hair if you wish.

Anyhow... these brow sets work for all ages & genders. The grey elder brows are attached to the black brows, so don't delete the black brows if you want the grey ones. They all use Maxis textures and match well with Maxis hair. And they're binned! Maybe someone will find them useful.

Oh! Also, if by any chance you happen to already have the rufusbrows or galebrows that came with my sims, please delete those before installing these. They may conflict because I was silly and used the same family number.

Additional Credits:
The blue eyes pictured are Oepu's Maxis Match Eyes. Thanks, Oepu! Thanks also go to HystericalParoxysm, the creators of SimPE, Delphy & the rest of the MTS2 staff, and all the members who make MTS2 great.