Repair Animation Fix for 2-tiled Floor TVs - Sims hold the screwdriver correctly

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2008 at 11:14 AM
Updated: 24th Jul 2011 at 8:07 AM - AL Compatibility
Have you noticed that when Sims repair (or tinker) custom 2-tiled floor TVs which need to be pulled out for maintenance, they hold the screwdriver the wrong way? Like this:

Notice the difference in the way male Sim and female Sim are holding their screwdriver. The correct animation of male Sim comes up only for this base game TV, and no other. Not even for other Maxis-made TVs like GLS preorder Luxury TV, let alone all custom TVs.

(Edited to clarify. This glitch is NOT limited to female Sims. The wrong animation will come up for male Sims too. In most cases, the game does not treat females differently from males. The female Sim in the picture was just handy when I took the screenshot.)

EAxis didn't take custom objects into account at all when they first created the game. As there is no other Maxis 2-tiled floor TVs that need to be pulled out for maintenance, the game checks the specific GUID of this base game TV to decide the correct animation, then disallows it for any other TVs.

With my fix installed, the game will decide the correct animation more intelligently. It will check if the TV in question needs to be pulled out for maintenance, and call the correct animation for custom TVs as well. Like this:

2-tiled floor TVs which do NOT need to be pulled out for maintenance (like FT Entertainment Center or IKEA TV) will use the same animation as 1-tiled floor TVs like before.

Tested in base game with AnyGameStarter. Should work for all EPs up to AL.

This problem has been around since base game. I was not aware of it before FT though, as TVs break quite rarely. But after FT introduced Tinkering, this little glitch started to bug me.


Place in your My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads folder.
(Or in a subfolder of Downloads folder.)

TV featured in the screenshot is Sharp AQUOS 52'' LCD HDTV by Fresh-Prince.

Additional Credits:

Numenor for AnyGameStarter
Everyone who contributed to the development of SimPE