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Melee Weapons

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Uploaded: 13th Nov 2008 at 4:26 PM
I've wanted to do something like this for a long time, but up until now just haven't had the technical ability. Ultimately I'd have liked to create a set of weapons sims can duel each other with, but at this point I still don't have the BHAV skills to do that yet. This is a set of 11 new weapons cloned from the base game fingerprint scanner. Most of the replacement animations require BV. They can be found under Hobbies/Excersize. All of the weapons increase body skilling.

The Master's versions have extended animation loops and have a skill gain bonus slightly favors active sims.

Since these objects are cloned from the fingerprint scanner, the sim will "scan" objects to clean them. They might strike poses in front of mirrors, spar with chairs or tables, etc. In order to take these pix, I had to fill a room with invisible tables and invisible computers.

Polygon Counts:
Hirogen Hunter's Knife: 386
Kar'takin: 466
Lirpa and Master's Lirpa: 800
Warrior's Bat'leth and Master's Batleth: 902
Warrior's D'k'tahg: 482
Warrior's Mek'leth and Master's Mekleth: 782
Warrior's Tik'leth and Master's Tikleth: 198

Additional Credits:
Thanx to Numenor for explaining how to remove the sound fx.