Silk Spectre II

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Laurie Juspeczyk aka the Silk Spectre II, daughter of Sally Jupiter aka Silk Spectre of the Minutemen. Laurie's joining the Watchmen was more due to her mothers desire to live vicariously through her daughter, than Laurie's own want to be a masked avenger. Though later in life she comes to realize its something she misses. For several years Laurie was involved with fellow Watchmen, Jon Osterman aka Doctor Manhattan...and well, if you wanna know anything else read the graphic novel AND then go see the movie. Both are, in a word, aaaaaamazing.

For proper download PLEASE follow these instructions

-Download ALL THREE files here.
--Download the hair mesh from agustin (link below)
--follow the link (below) to Sim Chic
---on the left side of their page, under "Freebies", click "TS2 Freebies"
----under "Meshes" click "Female Adult/Young Adult"
-----towards the bottom find "MESH_SimChicBareHeelsMesh5-01-05
by Crechebaby
" it looks like this, download it.
-----once you've downloaded ALL parts, in bodyshop or your game, change her hair (its under custom) and clothes (under casual)

Please do not email or PM me with problems getting her to show up right, until you've completed all those steps.

Custom Content by Me:
- WATCHMEN- Silk Spectre II
- WATCHMEN- Jupiter mark
- WATCHMEN- Silk Spectre II hair
- WATCHMEN- Silk Spectre II costume

Custom Content Included:
- Glass Glint eyes #04 by kamikitten
- #7 - Shalimar - Bruno@MTS2 by Bruno
- Femme,Medium Brown-Anva by Anva
- Lyijymyrkytys - Bruno@MTS2 by Bruno
- Torskläppar - Ebba - Bruno@MTS2 by Bruno
- skin march 07 - color 1 - barbie by oepu

Additional Credits:
agustin, Crechebaby, bruno, opeu, kamikitte

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