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Teen School Outfit recolours - in school colours!

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Uploaded: 12th May 2009 at 5:05 AM
--- This is my first upload, so tell me if I've done anything wrong! ---

The original school clothes in the game had pretty boring colours - there's a red school, a blue school and a green school. There was no real choice.

Well, I sure changed all that! These uniform recolours are much better! There are eight different colour schemes for each gender, meaning you can invent your own school with your own school colours.

I know the boy's outfit isn't much of a school one, but I think it's the best one they have...it still looks good, though!

There's a male and female outfit for each colour set, so the uniform can really be uniform. If this gets put on the site, I'll upload my college/uni outfits which have the same colours as these uniforms!

Although these are simple recolours, they will come in very useful for stories and, basically, brightening up your academic sims.

Remember - first upload - tell me what I need to improve!

All downloads are in .zip format.