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Book of Talent for TS3 *Compatible with 1.67*

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Uploaded: 26th Dec 2009 at 12:54 PM
Updated: 18th Mar 2014 at 6:39 AM
Compatible with 1.67

Another remake of my old mod for TS2, this time it's the skill book. Just like the old one, sims will NOT actually read it. You just need to put it on the ground/surface or in sim's inventory and then you can click on it to bring up the interactions. You can alter both main skills and hidden skills.


---[skill name] : master a skill

-Add skill or Level Up
---[skill name] : add a new skill or level up by one

-Set skill level
---[skill name] : set specific level of a skill

-Skill Info : Show skill info

Available in Entertainment/Hobbies & Skills for ยง500. And yes I simply added a "3" to the old texture because I was lazy super busy and didn't have time to make a new one


2012/11/26 :
-Added Chinese and Taiwanese translations (Credit: jarod95)

2011/10/21 :
-Updated for 1.26.
-Revamped code to accommodate pets.
-Fixed Skill Info issue (now max 25 per page).

2010/10/29 :
-Updated for 1.17/2.12/3.8/4.5/5.2/6.0.

2010/06/26 :
-Added a new function to show skill info.
-Refined interaction definitions so pie menus for already maxed-out skills wouldn't show up.
-Added Italian translation for catalog description (Credit: Cristina)

This mod is only compatible with 1.26/10.0 and newer patches. (You can pm me for older versions) If your game version is indeed 1.26/10.0 or newer yet you still get no interaction, please verify whether you're using the new CC setup under Documents. If you still have problems, I solicit you to read this for instructions. Don't ask me for help if you're getting no interaction, post in the help section instead.

Finally, if by any chance you have another skill-related mod, try removing it. I don't think they can conflict since this is a self-contained modded object, but just in case...

Additional Credits: