Different Job Titles For Careers

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Uploaded: 13th Mar 2010 at 12:23 AM
Updated: 6th Mar 2010 at 8:17 AM
I know lots of people got bored quickly of default job titles so me too. I made it more colorful and a bit more realistic it is intended for older than teenager players of this game. I wanted to make feel comfortable in game not only with job level 9 or 10 which title is cool, but with some lower levels. As you can see they are all unique and has it's flavor. No matter what level, you can feel important now

List of Changed Job Titles:

Desk Jockey - Security Guard
Wiretap Reader -> Private Investigator
Crime Scene Technician -> Detective
Sketch Artist -> Crime Scene Analyst
3D Crime Scene Modeler -> Professional Cryptographer
-Special Agent Branch-
Vice Squad -> S.W.A.T. Member
Undercover Specialist -> FBI Agent
Special Agent - Squad Leader (Negotiator)
Triple Agent - NSA Agent
International Super Spy - CIA Agent

Local Representative -> Congressman/Congresswoman
Governor -> High Court Judge
Leader Of The Free World -> Conspirator Of New World Order

Decoy -> Street Hawker
Bagman -> Involved In Local Gang
-Evil -> Mafia
Henchman -> Mafia Drug Smuggler
Evil Sidekick -> Mafia Affairs Executor
Super Villain -> Honored Mafia Member
Emperor Of Evil -> Mafia Boss
Bank Robber -> Group Theft Congenial
Cat Burglar -> Secured System Invader

Latrine Cleaner -> Recruit
Mess Hall Server -> Private First Class
Grunt -> Marine
Squad Leader -> Sergeant
Flight Officer -> Major
Wingman -> Special Forces (Rescue)
Fighter Pilot -> Counterintelligence Unit
Squadron Leader -> CIA Experimental Pilot
Top Gun -> Black Ops Engineer

Organ Donor -> Candystriper
Bed Pan Cleaner -> Child Life Specialist

Test Subject -> Science Apprentice
Useless Contraption Manipulator -> Bachelor Of Science
Fertilizer Analyst -> NASA Worker
Carnivorous Plant Tender -> Elastic Material Provider
Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker -> Quantum Mechanics Promoter
Genetic Resequencer -> NASA Research Scientist
Top Secret Researcher -> Biophysics Doctorate
Creature-Robot Cross Breeder -> Nanotechnology Specialist
Mad Scientist -> Genetics Bio-Engineer

Kitchen Scullion -> McDonald's Worker

-Symphonic Music Career -> Movie Universe Career
Quartet Member -> Screenplay Editor -> Commercials Actress
Orchestra Member -> TV Series Actor -> TV Series Actress
Orchestra Lead -> Actor & Writer -> Movie Actress
Conductor -> Movie Star
Hit Movie Composer -> Film Director

Snack Hawker -> Amateur Player
Toddler Sports Coach -> Promising Urban Player
Rookie -> Major League Rookie
Starter -> Major League Starter
Sports Legend -> Sports Legend (Scout)

Note: Do not use this mod with any other career mods as it may not work.