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More channels to various objects, now fully recolorable! Default Replacement, or Non Default Replacement!

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Uploaded: 11th Apr 2010 at 3:05 PM
I've gone through and made more channels to several objects that you weren't able to recolor before. I made changes to the paintings based on the practicality of their recolorablity. Some paintings wouldn't look good with extra channels, or would be pointless to do because they have so many areas to them.

This is now unlike my older extra channels to things, a default replacement! Something that I've been dying to learn how to do with adding channels, I already knew how to make default replacement meshes, but recolors always eluded me until now. I've tested the default replacements thoroughly in game and they are working fine, only issue with them is that thumbnails in my game at least still shows the old EA default colors, but they are fully recolorable and fully functional! I didn't do the alarm clock because I've already done that and shared here on mts. You can find the extra channels to the alarm clock in the related pages under creator recommendations.

I've packaged base game and HELS separately depending on which you own. So if you only have base game, download the base game one, if you have HELS download the High End Loft Stuff one.

Okay, so here's the new areas of recolorablity:

Wall Clock:

1st channel is the inside of the clock, second channel is the outside

HELS Painting:

1st and 2nd channels are the inside of the painting, they have a gradient (blending) effect. Third channel is the frame

Cityscapes Painting:

First channel is the inside of the painting, second channel is the inner frame, third channel is the outer frame.

Lips Painting:

1st channel is the girl's hair, second channel are the girl's lips, third channel is the girl's skin tone. The frame, and the girl's teeth are not recolorable.

Photo Series:

1st channel is the inside of the painting, second channel is the inner trim of the frame, third channel is the outer frame.

Boom Box:

1st channel is the box, second channel is the small rectangular display, third channel are the speakers.

Such fun adding channels for me and you both! hope you enjoy.