Case Study House #4 Redux (modern base-game no-CC house)

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Uploaded: 16th May 2010 at 3:41 PM
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I love the simple modern one-story homes in The Case Study House Program, 35 modernist homes by angel f.

Inspired by CSH #4 and an original document by the architect describing the house, I created this modern house with a similar layout. It has the advantages of requiring no EPs or custom content.

The focus of this sunny house is the inner courtyard, which splits the house into two distinct sections: the public area to the left and a somewhat more private area to the right. Every room in the house looks out onto the colorful flower-filled courtyard, so that you can see what's happening throughout the house.

The public area of the house is open-concept, with the living room, dining room, and open kitchen with island. This area also has a chess table, reading area, and a powder room for your guests. The private area consists of the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, plus two smaller bedrooms with a shared bath.

This home is open and airy, making it easy to keep in touch with every family member. The house footprint occupies almost the entire lot, since the focus is internal, rather than external. However, there is a small side yard which holds the swimming pool and outdoor seating, behind the covered carport.

Designed for a warmer climate, where outside living is available for most of the year, this house is still a comfortable house in cooler climates, when the courtyard cannot be used.

This is a home for a close family, who like to be able to see each other and interact together.

I'm afraid that I can't supply a copy of the original floorplan, because the document that I have is protected. If I remember correctly, I downloaded the PDF from:

This lot has a raised ceiling, which means that it may not be weather-proof if you have Seasons. However, it's very simple to close this building against the weather; just add some flooring above the main level. The courtyard is fully enclosed, but open to the weather.

Plant Maintenance:
Because of the shear number of plants, as well as the fact that they are grouped closely together, I would recommend that you download a mod to remove the requirement to maintain your plants. Otherwise, you might want to consider thinning the garden a bit for easier access. Here is a link to the "Perfect Plants" mod that I use:,13.0.html

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: $163,228

Additional Credits:
angel f, for her versions of the Case Study Houses, which inspired me:

Numenor, for the AnyGameStarter, which allowed me to make this lot without any EPs:

The LotAdjuster, which allowed me to create the walls one tile from the edge around the outside of the lot.

The GridAdjuster, which allowed me to make the curved roof: