Case Study House #6 Redux (modern base-game no-CC house)

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2010 at 11:14 PM
Updated: 6th Jun 2010 at 9:49 PM - Added a weather-proof version

I love the simple modern one-story homes in The Case Study House Program, 35 modernist homes by angel f.

Inspired by CSH #6 and an original document by the architect describing the house, I created this modern house with a similar layout. It has the advantages of requiring no EPs or custom content.

The main feature of this house is the gently sloping roof. The walls under the sloped ceiling are filled with windows, which flood the house with light. A small shared area branches off into four wings, each with a specific function. The wings of the house divide the yard into four specialized areas.

The entry court to the left of the house holds the driveway and a winding walkway. Windows on this side of the house are small, to ensure privacy for those within. As you enter the house near the center area, you have access to all four wings of the house. For your convenience, a power room is easily accessible from the front door.

To the left of the foyer is the living wing. This large public area has been arranged into several seating areas, one focused on the big screen TV and the other on the fireplace. Bookshelves, a piano, and a chess table complete this area. The ceiling soars skyward and a wall of windows open onto the social court. The fireplace continues outside as a barbecue area; both share the large stone chimney. The fenced yard also holds a hot tub, outdoor chess table, dartboard, and ample seating.

To the right of the foyer is the dining and kitchen wing. The kitchen is very large and flows into the dining area though a small eating island. The kitchen counters transition to a buffet and then to a bar. Windows in this area focus on the service court, at the front of the lot, with an outdoor eating area.

The master wing extends out the back and holds a large master bedroom and ensuite bathroom with double sinks. The final wing at the right side of the house holds the other two bedrooms, which share a bathroom. All of the bedrooms are spacious, with both seating and a desk. The sports court is accessed from the center of the house and holds a good-sized pool. The main bath is conveniently accessible from this fenced yard.

Designed for a warmer climate, where outside living is available for most of the year, this house is still a comfortable house in cooler climates, when the various yards cannot be used for outdoor living. However, the house is at it's best with the doors flung open to bring the outside in.

This is a home for people who love to party.

I'm afraid that I can't supply a copy of the original floorplan, because the document that I have is protected. If I remember correctly, I downloaded the PDF from:

This house is not weather-proof, because of the sloping multi-level roof. However, it's easy to close in by adding flooring above the main level. Or, if you'd prefer, I've uploaded a weather-proof version.

Foundation roof:
I used alternate maxis-supplied walls for the roof. By using foundation walls for the roof, the price of this multi-level roof is reduced substantially.

The roof cannot be deleted or modified using the traditional in-game wall tools. Instead, you need to use <ctrl> with the lattice deck tool to delete each level of the roof. Or, you can use ConvertiWall to change the foundation walls on levels 1 and above to normal walls, which can be modified using the standard in-game wall tools.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: $161,742

Additional Credits:
angel f, for her versions of the Case Study Houses, which inspired me:

Numenor, for the AnyGameStarter, which allowed me to make this lot without any EPs:

Inge Jones, for the Portal Revealer, which allowed me to move the portals on the lot closer to the main walkway which leads to the entry door:

The LotAdjuster, which allowed me to play around with the size of the lot:

The GridAdjuster, which allowed me to easily make the multi-level sloped roof:

ConvertiWall, which allowed me to change the walls on the roof to foundation walls, thus reducing the cost in line with the actual structure: