Nikki Sixx

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Uploaded 21st Aug 2010 at 6:12 AM · Updated 1st Mar 2011 at 9:10 PM by Astraea Nevermore

Nikki Sixx (born Frank Carlton Ferrana, Jr., December 11, 1958) is an American bassist, author, fashion designer, photographer, and the main songwriter for the band Mötley Crüe. He has also played bass for glam metal bands London, the experimental band 58, the hard rock band Brides of Destruction and more recently, Sixx:A.M.


Ok, I'll admit that I'm not the biggest Mötley Crüe fan out of there, even if I still enjoy their music. The idea for this sim came just after seeing the hair conversion you can see in these screenshots, which looked pretty damn close to Nikki Sixx's hair... that made me think that he would have been one hell of a sim, and here's the final result I had a lot of fun making him and playing with him, hope you'll like this Nikki sim as much as I do =)

He should be compatible with base game, just make sure to use a fully patched game, 'cos I used that opacity tool for make up that came with the Ambitions patch, and I don't know if that's gonna cause any problems for games with previous patches! If you experience any problem, just let me know!

Now going with the...

Custom content used:

-Non-default hairy skintone, converted by jmtmom
-Face skin replacement by Aikea Guinea
-Hair by Discovering Club (scroll down the page and click on the Download button... if you have troubles getting it from there, follow the infos on MS3B)
-Lipstick by The Sims World
-Eyebrows by Arisuka
-Eyebags, still by Arisuka (can't say from which set they are, exactly... I have all of them!)
-Tiffany Glaze default replacement eyes by escand (in case you don't want to change your defaults, you might download the eye contacts version, found in the same link)
-Stubble by bocboc256

-Open shirt by Lady Frontbum
-Leather pants by Aikea Guinea
-Tattoos: Japanese sleeves + backpiece by XJonasX

Other outfits are all Maxis ones.

Mods used - PLEASE READ:

-AwesomeMod for slider multiplier, you'll need that if you want to edit the sim's features, and to remove the limit to the number of additional sliders you can have in game. If you don't want to install AwesomeMod, here you can get another hack to remove just the slider limit.
-Facial sliders by Ahmad. Just download 'em all :P
-UI Mod by Rez Delnava: you'll *NEED* this for the non-default skintone to show up. Otherwise, you're probably gonna get a scary boogeyman with no eyes, instead of Nikki Sixx.
EDIT: the UI mod is not updated for PATCH 1.17/Late Night, however you don't really need it anymore for the non-default skintone to show up: if you install non-default skintones, in fact, the game will still recognize them: read the note added by the MTS staff on the top of the UI Mod page to have more infos on how non-default skintones work in game
EDIT #2: added a version of the sim packaged with default skintone

Additional Credits:
HUGE thanks to all the people that helped me to improve the sim in the Creator Feedback Forum! You rock! =)

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