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-------------------- W E L C O M E --------------------
---------- TO THE WORLD OF DARKNESS ----------

I have quit creating for Sims 3 and moved on to other games. I enjoyed creating for MTS and i am happy that so many people liked my sims. I'm still lurking, but i am not active anymore. Hope you still find my sims here and enjoy playing them.

Farewell! But i will probably be back for Sims 4, let's hope they get it right with the editor ;)

!! Must have mods !!
Alternative UI mod for Non-default Skintones by Anach
Mastercontroller mod by twallan (Install it and experiment with this baby, you will be surprised!)
Alternative sliderhacks by [B]aWT and CmarNYC
(If you don't like awesomemod for some reason)
HQ Modification by aWT (used for HQ textured uploads, you'll see them more often now i guess)



- I create for the BASEGAME ONLY, no Addons! For maximum compatibility.

- All my sims are tested in the basegame without CC (to test , if they crash) and with all used CC before uploading, to make sure they look like in the pictures, if you installed all the needed CC correctly. So if my sims don't work in an addon it might be, because some mods or CC doesn't work there, or a new patch screws with mods.

- If you ask why i add musiclinks to my uploads. It's my way to share my musictaste with the community and i try to make the tracks fit the character.

- ''Why do you have such nice graphics?'' I have every graphic setting ingame and in my card's driversettings absolute max (x16 Ansitropefiltering, Antialiasing max ingame) and i use the max allowed filesize for jpg(250kb) and png(150kb), so i get the best picture quality possible. For the thumbnails i use png format, to avoid pixelation and the slight blurriness the jpg format gives these small pictures.
I use XP-Paint and GIMP to edit the raw bmp-screenshots, which i take with FRAPS.

- ''Do you take requests?'' Nope, sorry. I have too

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