Carol Town Square

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Uploaded: 22nd Dec 2010 at 3:38 PM
Updated: 24th Jan 2011 at 1:33 PM
One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to set out my Christmas Village. I thought it would be neat to build one for my Sims and watch it "come alive".

Have your Sims shop for that special gift, or have fun skating and meeting their friends for a game of chess or a cup of coffee.

See more pictures here:

Thanks for looking, and have a great Holiday!

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: $221,875

Custom Content by Me:
- Wall, Red on white beadboard
- Wall, Halfwindow1
- Wall, Snowmen Picture
- Wall, Halfwindow2
- Wall, Snowman pic
- Wall, Monticello window
- Floor, Brown Flagstone 2
- Floor, Medieval Ceiling 1
- Wall, Flagstone wall 2
- Wall, Medieval Wall 1
- Wall, Seamless Brown Bricks
- Wall, Cottagewall1.5
- Wall, Dark Blue Shingles
- Wall, Cottagewall3
- Wall, Cottagewall2

Custom Content Included:
- Sled Track White Lights by Maxis
- Missink Point Mystery Topiary by Maxis
- Poinsettia Gift Pack by Maxis/EA Games (poinsettia)
- The Rescued Snowman by Maxis
- Terrain Paint, AW1_GC1 by Angelsways1 @ Simcastic Designs
- Terrain Paint. Snow by unknown
- The "Classic" Wreath by Maxis
- Wall, Holy Simoly Paint and Plaster Duck Egg by Holy Simoly