Extreme Skins "WEREWOLVES" 6 Skins + Eyes & Ears

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Uploaded: 19th May 2011 at 1:32 AM
Updated: 21st Jun 2013 at 5:21 AM

Werewolves have been around in the Sims2 game since the expansion pack Pets. However, up to this point there have been very few custom skins. To help correct this problem I now bring you 5 werewolf skins, and 1 alien-werewolf skin so you can create all the unique werewolves you desire. Since the non-default skins work with every age, and yes that includes babies you can also create all the werewolf families you imagination can muster.

Additional Information

+ NO Expansion Packs required for Non-Default Skins.
+ REMEMBER to ONLY download 1 of the Default skins, and to romove any other default werewolf skins (OR EYES) before downloading one of these.
+ Non-Default skins work with ALL AGES, where defaults only work with TEENS, and ADULTS which is a game limitation.
+ Default eyes are the Golden Yellow color. (The bonus eye packages included on the downloads section are all non-default)
+ Teeth are slightly sharpened, but not drastically.(They are sharper on the Defaults)
+ Ear packages are an included bonus in the downloads section, there are 6 colors available to match each skin. ( The Mesh was made my Ren and is not included, it is Rens's Elf Ears no.3 and can be found here: Ren's Ear Mesh No.3)
+ Yes, the alien werewolf skin does look like the Grinch, but think about it. Maybe that is what the Grinch is, hey it always been a mystery to me. He even has gold eyes!

Known Issues

Discoloration and pixilation around the shoulders and neck, especially apparent on Dark Gray, Dark Brown, and Black skins. Because of the compression I can't do much about it, Its probably a reason why some other creators shied away from werewolf skins. I tried multiple methods of compression but even at the highest quality of compression in SimPE there was no visible change so I resorted back to a more game friendly compression. My only somewhat workaround is rather ugly seems still with much pixilation, so until I come up with a more agreeable solution this is what I have to offer. If this really would bother you I suggest Light Gray or Light Brown, its hardly noticeable on them.

My Policy:

+ Do not upload to pay sites or exchange.
+ May use freely to create and upload Sims as long as you credit and link back.
+ Do not recolor or alter the skins. If you would like to personalize facial features for custom Sims I suggest using a facial mask.
+ Please feel free to use in pictures, movies and stories.

Additional Credits:
Clothing is either entirely maxis, or maxis edits by me.

-Free Content Hair

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