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MSD's Surfboard Mesh - 30 Hawaiian Recolors

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Uploaded: 26th Oct 2011 at 6:41 AM

Hello Simmers,

Today I'm presenting you a Recolor Pack with 30 Hawaiian Recolours of MSD's Surfboard Mesh. I know that this should be summer upload, but it wasn't ready during the summer. I started working on this project as soon as Surf's Up was uploaded. The whole thing about surfboards really inspires me, so you can expect a collection based on this idea.

Another thing...MSD sorry but I didn't like your plain recolors...another motivation for me to complete this!

Extra Notes

Hibiscus, honus, palm trees, wooden stripes, and surfers, are used as textures for the recolors to remind you the tropical forests and the sandy coasts of Hawaii.

The surfboard mesh is basegame compatible, but in order to surf you need MSD's "SURF'S UP"

Please if you like this upload, I would appreciate it if you could press the "Thanks" button. Comments are appreciated as well.

Additional Credits:
Of course MSD for inspiring me.

This site for its awesome surfboard designs. All of the included recoulors are in there.

SilentLucidity for her OMSPs that were used to take the pictures.

Finally, a very special thanks to the developers of SimPE and Paint.net