Dangerously Cute Pose Pack

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Uploaded: 5th May 2012 at 2:49 PM
Before download the pack make sure you read the Instructions, if you need more help go here

They are sweet and beautiful. And you will do anything for them.

Poses Names:
- a_schoolgirl_1
- a_schoolgirl_2
- a_schoolgirl_3
- a_schoolgirl_4
- a_schoolgirl_5
- a_schoolgirl_6
- a_schoolgirl_7
- a_schoolgirl_8
- a_schoolgirl_9
- a_schoolgirl_10


Before installing this pose pack make sure you have:
- Pose Player;
- One More Slot Please (to adjust the height);

To use your poses ingame:
- Place both ".packages" files inside your Packages Folder (Before running the game);
- Buy pose player from the decor section;
- Have the "moveobjects" cheat on, to move your sims around;
- Click on the pose player and choose the "Select a pose" option, there you have it!

Additional Content:
- Student outfit by LemonLeaf
- Cookies and cup of tea by SIMcredible! Designs (kitchen section)

Additional Credits:
-Cmomoney for the Pose Player and the dult rigs;
-Granthes for the "One More Slot Please" mod;
-OrangeMittens for the "Creating S3 Custom Poses with Milkshape or Blender " tutorial;
-AnimToolV05 by Wes;
-S3PE Version 11-0402-0951 by Peter and Inge Jones