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Streets Of Montreal :: Decay!

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Uploaded: 8th May 2012 at 8:31 PM
Updated: 9th Jul 2019 at 2:30 AM
Set in 2 parts:

1) Streets Of Montreal :: Street Art Tools
2) This set

Hi again all!

Decay effects for streets, as Terrain Paint (Ground Cover), with a Street Base tool allowing you to erase parts of any effect with its own seamless background.

Pixelhate is my favourite MTS2 artist for urban decay special effects. I wanted to try making something of a similar kind, but as Terrain Paint - editable at will!

Cities mean enough evil for Mother Nature as it is, this is absolutely not destined for natural grounds, but rather to uglify environments of sand, concrete or dirt. (No EP necessary)

Check the picture bin for more information.

The set contains 12 seamless Terrain Paints:

2 tones of asphalt, Normal and Wet
10 special effects

I suggest you to spray your whole street with the Street Base (normal Asphalt), then spray your special effects over the Street Base.

You can spray and spread the dirt and ugliness as much as you like, and erase parts of it with the Street Base to make your landscape personal and add realism.

You can combine this with my other set of Street Art Tools to create a zone where both Street Art and decay can be seen, like in most cities.

If you are unsure how to create a street within a lot, you can keep rows of empty space in large lots. Or you can use Mootilda's Lot Adjuster and include roads in your lots and paint on them, too. If you have Nightlife and use cars, you can use special tools like MogHughson's 'Park in the Car Park' mod, and you'll see your cars use your streets.

If you need more inspiration, I got links below to alot of detritus, graffitis and other decorative grunge stuff made by talented creators. Lots and lots of awesome stuff to make YOUR OWN organized messy streets.

= = =

by Skya
Bus Stop Pole
Carton boxes

by Sophie-David
Apocalyptic Effects, Trashmatic Recolours & Decorative Junk

by Brett
Decorative Security Camera

by Windkeeper
Fake trashcan and mailbox

by Phaenoh
Floor Overlays (Sidewalk Chalk!)

by Pixelhate
Floor Overlays recolours (The Dirty Side)
Wall Overlays
Time Factor Overlays

by Purity Project
Industrial Pipes

by mustluvcatz
NOW the windows are dirty!

by gwillewyn
Puddles of Blood, Goo and Oil

by RealGanacampo
Security Bars for Windows

by crocobaura (for tougher neighborhoods...)

Thanks for trying this. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
My Plain Street Base texture is an edit of my 'Dream' floor. Photoshop 'Cracks' brushes by Steven Snell and Room 122. Cigarettes texture borrowed from the NY Times Online.

Thanks to Pixelhate for his kind advice, encouragements and mini-tutorial for this set and its next parts. It's been great to get help from someone with so much experience and talent.
Thanks to maybesomethingdunno for her kind encouragements also!
Thanks to all the people who looked at this in the Creators Feedback forum and loved it!