Medieval Male Doublets CAS - Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding

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Medieval Male Doublets in 3 Designs for Teens, Adults, and Elders CAS - Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding
Made by Kiara24 for The Merrye Makers
Revised by monca533 for The Merrye Makers

Greetings, good gentles/ladies. We are The Merrye Makers - a group of twelve creators spanning all disciplines (clothing, lots, objects, etc.) offering for thy downloading pleasure a collection of medieval things most beauteous from Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding -- otherwise known as "Simdom Pudding".

In Simdom Pudding, the doublet was generally accepted male fashion. At first it was designed to be worn as an undergarment or to help stay warm during the winter months, but it soon became the main men’s upper body wear. Most men in Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding wore very simple doublets for everyday wear. The King and noblemen wore much fancier doublets for formal occasions like parties and ceremonies. Tailors created clothing for the wealthy in Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding, but most of the population made their clothing themselves so that they would never be nude. Colors were plain. They were shades of gray, brown, dark blue, and red - except for King Crumplebottom who wore golden crowns and brightly colored silks.


Medieval Doublet (Tops) Conversions by Kiara24 (3 Designs); Revised by monca533

Design 1 - Button Closure
Design 2 - Frog (button & loop) Closure
Design 3 - Lace (criss-cross) Closure

Medieval Male Doublets for Teens

Medieval Male Doublets for Young Adults/Adults

Medieval Male Doublets for Elders

Model sims are wearing pants from a forthcoming Merrye Makers upload and Merrye Makers' medieval male shoes from here:

Download each doublet individually or grouped for Teens, Adults, and Elders.

Game: Base game
Gender: Male
Age: Teen to Elder
Categories: Everyday and Formal
Channels: 2 designs with 2 channels (doublet and belt) and 1 with 3 channels (doublet, belt, and frog closures/button & loop)
Credits: A special thanks to Aligeth the creator of the original Doublets

Polygon Counts:
Teens - 2810
Young Adults / Adults - 3090
Elders - 3090

Additional Credits:
Prithee, The Merrye Makers thank all who support and download our dutiful efforts.
Grammarcy, good MTS staff - especially Leesester - for their assistance with our project.