All Spruced Up--Sweater Vests

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Uploaded: 26th Nov 2013 at 10:55 PM
Updated: 29th Nov 2013 at 12:57 AM
So for the longest time, I've wanted to have the tie from the Late Night top in use for something else other than a skinny tie. While attempting (and failing) to attach the tie to a basic oxford shirt, I had inspiration for making this top thanks to one of my bosses and one of my co-workers, both of whom regularly wear sweaters and bowties. Every time I see them around work I think, "They look great! Why don't my sim guys have clothes like that?"

Well, after more fighting with and screaming at multipliers than I want to acknowledge, now my sim guys have clothes like that. And now yours can too. :D

These tops are a combination of the "V-Neck Sweater" torso from the University EP and sleeves from various base game shirts. You do not need University installed for them to show in your game. They are base-game compatible, but you will have to be patched to patch level 1.55 or higher. All tops have three recolorable channels, with all morphs included. Enabled for everyday, formal, career, townies, and of course, outerwear. (If you have Seasons installed, that is!) Downloads are separated out--you can download just one, or some, or all sweaters in one file! (You can also download none, but then I will have sad face.)

Blayne:3292 polygons, 2198 vertices1601 polygons, 1237 vertices799 polygons, 762 vertices
Spencer:3350 polygons, 2224 vertices1681 polygons, 1257 vertices795 polygons, 744 vertices
Cody:3380 polygons, 2252 vertices1682 polygons, 1275 vertices792 polygons, 759 vertices
Hogarth:3404 polygons, 2280 vertices1694 polygons, 1289 vertices843 polygons, 801 vertices
Derworth:3296 polygons, 2226 vertices1630 polygons, 1258 vertices822 polygons, 784 vertices
Jim:3374 polygons, 2252 vertices1622 polygons, 1230 vertices819 polygons, 765 vertices

I hope you and your Sim guys enjoy them!
~ splad

Polygon Counts:
All sweaters have different poly counts, please refer to the table above.

Additional Credits:
Buckley, who always helps me remember the little details in my projects
TSR Workshop
Whiterider/Nysha, who has incredible patience with all of my constant questions
Everyone in #create and elsewhere that I harass to look at my previews
And last but not least, my coworker Cody and my boss Jim, who inadvertently reminded me that our male sims have nothing to wear!