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More Types of Fish to Stock Fishbowls and Tanks

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Uploaded: 23rd Dec 2012 at 10:57 AM
Updated: 15th Sep 2013 at 2:45 AM
More Types of Fish to Stock Fishbowls and Tanks

You may have noticed that Sims can only buy goldfish to stock their fishbowl. Fish tanks only let you buy Goldfish, minnows and jellyfish. So, if you want to have angelfish or koi in your fish tank or bowl, your Sim must fish them, which is not a great option for Sims that are not skilled fishers.

This is a script mod that will replace the "Stock" interaction of fish bowls and tanks with a new one that includes more types of fish for your Sims to stock their aquaria.

List of "New" Fish:
  • Alley Catfish (§6)
  • Angelfish (§21)
  • Black Goldfish (§16)
  • Blowfish (§13)
  • Crawfish (§15)
  • Doitsu Koi (§7)
  • Frog (§6)
  • Kawarimono Koi (§14)
  • Linckia Starfish (§16)
  • Lobster (§25)
  • Luminous Salamander (§20)
  • Ochiba Koi (§20)
  • Piranha (§14)
  • Sea Bat Starfish (§35)
  • Sewer Trilobite (§35)
  • Siamese Catfish (§13)
  • Snails (§8)
  • Tancho Koi (§25)
  • Toad (§8)
  • Tragic Clownfish (§14)

Special Fish:
The following fish can only be stocked if some conditions are met:
  • Deathfish (§200) - Sim is a ghost or an elder
  • Fairy Damsel (§50) - Sim is a fairy
  • Mummy Fish (§50) - Sim is a mummy
  • Robot Fish (§50) - Sim is a SimBot or the aquarium is the steampunk/sci-fi fishtank from the Store
  • Shark (§7) - Sim is in Lucky Palms
  • Vampire Fish (§55) - Sim is a vampire

This mod can be localized, by default I've included these languages: English, Finnish, Czech Spanish, and Mexican Spanish.

If you want to translate this mod, download "SimsMxStockFish_strings" and post your translation here.

This is a script mod compiled against patch 1.55, but it is compatible with 1.57. It won't conflict with other mods as it doesn't override game tunings.

2012.12.17: Reupload.
2012.12.28: Added Finnish translation (thanks homermiil).
2013.1.3: Added Czech translation (thanks AngiShy).
2013.6.18: Made Island Paradise fish stockable, made fish more expensive.

Additional Credits:
AngiShy, classicplayer, death12337, homermiil and elena-engel for their translations.