Recolors you won`t regret: 3 great retro outfits from 3 useless basegame meshes

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2013 at 8:35 PM
Updated: 8th Jan 2013 at 12:49 PM
Yes, I am back and ironically, I bring you the basegame recolors, again. This time, though, they come out of pure necessity. My personal opinion is that maxis meshes, even among the other, are by far the best. I just think that the creators are handling them badly - thus the amount of dull outfits.
Now I have four expansion packs installed and believe me - there is still not much to choose from!
Thats how I realized I should make every outfit in the game work - including unlocked meshes and just plain awful clothes.
I should make them work by recoloring default clothes so they will become useful, so I will not skip them in Bodyshop and can save myself a little time from searching good clothing meshes online. So I can have a little set of decent clothes based on default game wardrobe I can always choose from and coordinate. So I just can relax and play the game. I think you got the idea.
I began by recoloring these three outfits based on unlocked career meshes. All of them are whole outfit type (body).The first one is based on mail carrier unlocked outfit. The second one is based on unlocked labcoat. The third one is based on tight leather rocker outfit.
I noticed that many people, including me, like to play the game with little retro flavour and there is not enough clothes with such style. So I remade these prosaic default outfits into lovely and elegant vintage menswear. The changes to textures are subtle but present and they work very good! Mail carrier outfit remake is called bag-outfit_remake.package. This whole outfit now has cute (and totally recolorable!) vest on top of shirt. Bag and belt are recolored together. There are three rgb channels total plus alfa for the vest. Remake of labcoat called labcoat_remake.package (clever, yep?). I added new details for this texture such as beautiful pockets that made it into quite decent coat. It has three recolorable rgb channels plus alfa on the necktie (also recolorable, making it four). Third recolor, the recolor of black leather rocker outfit is called tight_leather_remake.package (now thats kinky name for a movie?). I worked on this one the most, deleting the leather shine, turning the brutal leather pants and vest into some kind of suit with turtleneck underneath. It has three rgb channels to recolor. For details please look pictures below.
All of the new outfits under everyday category. As far as I know, these don`t require meshes since they are based on built-in meshes. At least, they work this way for me. If I don`t understand something, please correct me and report the mistakes!
I hope you enjoy the basic charm of these clothes as much as I do.