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University Life "Beanie" Hairstyle For All Ages and Genders

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Uploaded: 16th Mar 2013 at 12:58 PM
Updated: 16th Mar 2013 at 4:44 PM
The University Life expansion pack came with some nice hairstyles. Here's another conversion for everyone.

This is not a simple re-categorization. I edited the mesh for the missing age groups. Toddlers and children have smaller beanies due to their smaller size. So there should be no worries about oversize hats on your sim children.

I only worked on the missing age groups and genders, leaving the original untouched. The male teen-elder age groups are not shown because they are already included in University Life. This is not a replacement.

Although the mesh was edited, the hairstyle follows EA's orginal colour channels (4 for the hair, 2 for the hat). This hair is properly binned and will show up in the hair with accessories category in CAS. It's also packaged with the same three presets.

Note that this hair currently does require the University Life expansion.

I have included 4 different options for downloads.
  1. Female Teen-YA only
  2. Children only (includes both genders)
  3. Toddlers only (includes both genders)
  4. All Ages
If you want it enabled for all ages, just download the one that says all ages. However, if you don't want it for a certain age group, you can download the files individually. The files do not conflict with each other. For example, if you wanted the hair for females and children (but not toddlers), you could download both files and use them at the same time.

Polygon Counts:
3134 polygons

Additional Credits:
Whiterider, for answering all my newbie questions.
The creators in MTS Creation Chat, for all the support and advice. S3OC S3PE Paint Shop Pro
Milkshape 3D

*Also, the model for this hair is wearing the "RealiSIM Oval Glasses Conversion" by Kiara24. They can be found in the downloads section of this website.