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The Ultra-Luxe, A Fallout: New Vegas inspired Hotel & Casino!

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2013 at 1:14 AM
Updated: 24th Aug 2013 at 7:14 AM
The Ultra-Luxe. Live life in the lap of luxury. -Mr New Vegas

"Welcome to the Ultra-Luxe! We hope it exceeds your every expectation"
Inspired by the most beautiful and refined establishment in the Wastelands, I bring you my version of the Ultra-Luxe Hotel & Casino! My original intent was to create the building as accurately as possible, However, due to the size of the gigantic building, I decided to make it smaller and using as little custom content as possible. This lot would be perfect for a little luxury for those apocolypse sims being chased by zombies, or as the high-end hang out for the wealthy who want a little White Glove glamour.

The Ultra-Luxe, Vegas Resort
Step into a world of elegance & sophistication at the Ultra-Luxe, located in the heart of New Vegas.The guest rooms and suites cater to the needs of the most discerning travellers. The resturant, The Gourmand, is renowned for its famous Brahmin Wellington, Wasteland Omelette & all sort of strange meat pies. Zen calm and ultimate relaxation is achieved on a daily basis in the hotel's Bath House, and indoor pool with a spa and sauna. The Top Shelf Bar is the ideal place to sip an Atomic Cocktail while having a game of pool with your posh friends.

Lot Info
Lot Size - 4x4
Lot Price - 296,248 Simoleons
Lot Type - Hotel
Suites - 3
Suite price range - 730 to 1181 Simoleons

Custom Content Included -
-3 Ultra-Luxe wall hangings (by me)

Custom Content NOT Included and Required - (You will need to download this!)
- Slot Machine by High Rollers Project DOWNLOAD HERE (MTS Site)
(You will only need to download the Slot Machine, "highrollers-SlotMachine-mesh.rar" found in the comments section)

Additional Credits:
Photo Credits:
Mask & Lace Dress by Sherahbim (MTS)
Lipstick by Bruno (MTS)
GLS Retro Dresss by HystericalParoxysm (MTS)