Saul Morgan

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Meet Saul Morgan.

Saul's story, while sad, has a happy ending (so far). His birth parents had him a little too early in life, and couldn't make it work. His father vanished shortly after his birth, and his mother, after struggling to care for him through his infancy, finally admitted defeat and handed him over to the foster care system, before vanishing herself. Even though his parents weren't a part of his early years, he remained a cheerful little boy who smiled all the time.

He surprised the social workers at his foster home by approaching a complete stranger, clinging to her legs, and calling her "mama." That woman was Mrs. Edelweiss Morgan, who originally had come to the home with every intention of bringing home a little girl. Her heart opened to him instantly, and within six months, Saul got to call Mrs. Morgan "mama" every day. And he still smiles all of the time.

Between his freckles, his penchant for mischief, and his wild hair which he won't cut, Saul has always stood out. But he's a good boy, even if he does like to make a lot of trouble for others, particularly his three younger sisters ... whom, incidentally, are also all adopted.

Now it's time for him to go to college. Saul was a stellar athlete in high school and lettered in two sports. He's an average student, and his parents worry that the temptations at university may prove too much for him. His sisters, on the other hand, can't wait for him to be gone, at least for a term or two ... hopefully the constant pranking will stop!


Saul was an upload request, so I hope the people who asked for him enjoy playing with him. He really does smile a LOT (good sense of humor), he has a very strong attachment to the people who loved him enough to care for him (family-oriented), he loves grossing out his sisters by eating ... whatever (daredevil), he's the life of the party ... literally (party animal), and he practically lives for basketball (athletic). He wants to be a superstar athlete ... but even more than that, he wants to find a girl that his mom approves of, so he can start raising his own chaotic family.

To make Saul look exactly like his photos, you will need the following items:

Facial Hair: Male Facial Hair First Aid Pack -- Arisuka
Freckles: Ketheira's freckles--non default version -- Ketheira
Everyday and Athletic top: Muscle Shirt -- omegastarr42
Lipstick: Supreme Lipstick -- Miss Daydreams
Nostril Rotation Slider by awT -- included as a downloadable file
Eye Sliders by bella3lek4 -- included as a downloadable file

Note: Saul is wearing three items from EPs/SPs.--his everyday jeans (Diesel SP), his athletic shorts (OLS), and his hair (Island Paradise). If you do not have IP, I strongly recommend using the beautiful afro from Modish Kitten. The "small" one looks great on Saul. If you don't have the Diesel or Outdoor Stuff SPs, his clothes will be replaced by defaults.

I hope you enjoy playing with him!
~ splad

Custom Content Included:
- AWT nostril rotation slider by AWT
- Bella3lek4 eye sliders by bella3lek4

Additional Credits:
Daethaqt3000, for making the original request
And everyone in CFF who participated in the feedback thread. Thanks!