Jun Baillie

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Jun was born to a Japanese mother and Scottish father and grew up in Edinburgh, where he excelled in art and music from a young age. While his talents are clear, he has a tendency to overthink things and finds social situations to be a challenge.

He hasn't quite decided what path to follow; will he make it as a musician or will he open up his own studio to sell his art from?


Socially Awkward


Pumpkin Pie

Custom Content:

This sim is packaged as a .sim file using a default skin (not included), but no additional CC. The following CC is required in order for the sim to appear as he does in the photo, but not included in the file.

Glasses by Tamo
Piercings by WOE
Top by Aikea_Guinea
Jeans by Aikea-Guinea

Hair by Buckley by Buckley
Beard by Enless
Eyelashes and Eyelash Sliders by SClub (required to appear as shown, but not included)
Brows by Heiret (included as no longer available)
Abdominal Hair by me
Arm and Leg Hair by TummyZa
Skin by Kurasoberina (NSFW)
Eyes (default) by Ephemera (optional)
Teeth Defaults by me (optional)

Face Shine by Ephemera
Lips by IN3S
Eyebags by Tifa
Eyeliner by Tifa

Sliders (required, but not included):
Ear Height by Thunder and Lightening and Marshmallows
Eyeball Size and Sunken Eyeballs by OneEuroMutt
Chin to Neck by Heiret
Head Size by Jonha
Chin Bone Height by OneEuroMutt
Upper Lip Thin Lower by YStudio
Jaw Height Only by OneEuroMutt
Brow Out Thick by OneEuroMutt
Nose Tweak by OneEuroMutt
Chest Height by OneEuroMutt
Butt Waist Height by OneEuroMutt
Nostril Scale Depthby OneEuroMutt
Septum Width by aWt

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